Digimon vs. Pokemon

So, As nostalgia likes to creep up on us every so often on social media, we can expect people to take stances on the topics that come up. It’s human nature. We’ve all heard the big ones like MJ vs. LeBron, Nickelodeon vs. Cartoon Network, hell - Old Cartoon Network vs. New Cartoon Network and … Continue reading Digimon vs. Pokemon

Go, Go, Power Rangers

So, As you all may know, Saban’s Power Rangers was brought to the big screen on March 24th, and since then an outstanding mix of hate and appreciation has filled social media airwaves. In this day and age, anyone with a Twitter handle can consider him/herself a critic of sorts. Personally, whenever I get to … Continue reading Go, Go, Power Rangers

Five Things I Noticed When I Purged My Instagram

So, For some time now, since I was in college, I noticed people going back and deleting older pictures. Per my observant self, I had some things to say. “Why go through the trouble?” “Some of those pictures were dope!” “These people are doing a lot.” Then, I noticed that some people were doing this … Continue reading Five Things I Noticed When I Purged My Instagram

“It’s Been A Long Time Since…”

Well, This one will not be long, I hope. Well, they never are but still, I like warning you all. I’m the kind of person that likes to simplify things, but trying to simplify them sometimes gets me even more confused. THIS is not one of those times. It’s been a long time since I … Continue reading “It’s Been A Long Time Since…”