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How Tokyo Ghoul :re renewed my hope.

So, (spoiler alert, btw) Tokyo Ghoul season 3, better known as Tokyo Ghoul :re wrapped up this past June. Thankfully, most of our prayers were answered. For those of you who don’t know, the :Re source material was written by Sui Ishida and is one of the premiere masterpieces in the manga world. Immense character … Continue reading How Tokyo Ghoul :re renewed my hope.

Leevis and Mutthead’s Most Defining Anime Moments

So, They say that TWO heads are better than ONE. So I've joined forces with the one and only Johnny Varina (ready to blade brah?) to be able to bring you the first installment of many of the Leevis and Mutthead collaborative post series. For the first one, me and Johnny Lee got together to … Continue reading Leevis and Mutthead’s Most Defining Anime Moments

Go, Go, Power Rangers

So, As you all may know, Saban’s Power Rangers was brought to the big screen on March 24th, and since then an outstanding mix of hate and appreciation has filled social media airwaves. In this day and age, anyone with a Twitter handle can consider him/herself a critic of sorts. Personally, whenever I get to … Continue reading Go, Go, Power Rangers

The Marvel Takeover

So, After watching Captain America: Civil War twice in two days, I think I am ready to decompress. The following is not simply a movie review, but a look at the massive impact this film has had not only in the shared Marvel Cinematic Universe, but on today’s culture as whole. Especially, us millennials who … Continue reading The Marvel Takeover