013 – PtIII

PART III       Lenny Medina Jr was his father’s pride and joy. He was the oldest son and heir to The Medina Cartel which had filled the east coast of the United States and parts of Europe with drugs, violence, and chaos. Lenny Sr. had made a name for himself by using other … Continue reading 013 – PtIII

0 1 3.

Desires. Goals. Love. All things that come to the fierce Maajida Ortiz’s mind as she pulls the trigger to her Beretta. The bullet flies out and burns a hole through the target’s head. The target is a hired mercenary who didn’t know he’d be meeting his demise by the gun of one of the most … Continue reading 0 1 3.

5 Places to a Enjoy a Beer, Friends, and Food in Charlotte

So, After living a majority of my post grad life in Charlotte, aka the Queen City, I have had my fair share of fun nights over great beer and food. As someone who is steadily aging (halfway to 30) my idea of a night around the town has transformed over the past couple of years. … Continue reading 5 Places to a Enjoy a Beer, Friends, and Food in Charlotte

Go, Go, Power Rangers

So, As you all may know, Saban’s Power Rangers was brought to the big screen on March 24th, and since then an outstanding mix of hate and appreciation has filled social media airwaves. In this day and age, anyone with a Twitter handle can consider him/herself a critic of sorts. Personally, whenever I get to … Continue reading Go, Go, Power Rangers

Thank you, Anime. Vol 1.

So, We all know that we are in an age where nerd shaming is no longer a thing. Well, at least our generation. I look at my ten year-old little brother and am so thankful he's a nerd. Why? You stay out of trouble, you learn cool stuff, and discover a whole other realm of … Continue reading Thank you, Anime. Vol 1.

GameSharks – Good or Evil?

So, I'm sitting here astonished. Our world, our human interaction, revolves around two things: money and knowledge. It's centered around how we can get these two things the quickest and how we can get the most of it. It's simple. Money and Knowledge combine to form the ultimate leverage: power. Webster defines power in three … Continue reading GameSharks – Good or Evil?

“It’s Been A Long Time Since…”

Well, This one will not be long, I hope. Well, they never are but still, I like warning you all. I’m the kind of person that likes to simplify things, but trying to simplify them sometimes gets me even more confused. THIS is not one of those times. It’s been a long time since I … Continue reading “It’s Been A Long Time Since…”

“With The Ease Of A Conductor…”

Stop, Breathe and imagine life in 20 years. Place yourself in the future. Where will you be? How will the world be? Will you be clocking in at your sanitation job as silver flying cars around you? Or will you be on the 56th floor of the now old news Freedom Towers, working on the … Continue reading “With The Ease Of A Conductor…”