Winter Album Rotation 2017

So, Winter has come (and no, this is not a GoT reference). But alas, it is that time of the year for: holidays, hilarious work parties, cuddling, and eating food that will break even the most easy going of diets. For some it is a time of joy, for others it is a time for […]

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Apple Music Magic

So, As we all know the music industry today has been revolutionized by streaming. Billboard charts, popularity, and clout are majorly determined by streaming numbers. Artist such as Drake, Taylor Swift, and Chance The Rapper have achieved unprecedented success due to their massive streaming numbers. Do not get me wrong – album sales are still […]

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Anime Dating Profiles Pt. 1

Leevis and Mutthead’s Anime Dating App Profiles Your two favorite Anime/Manga lovers reunite to give you another take on some of our favorite anime. In a much lighter tone than our last collab, Most Defining Moments, we give you a our hilarious takes on what some of our favorite side characters’ dating profiles would look […]

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Go, Go, Power Rangers

So, As you all may know, Saban’s Power Rangers was brought to the big screen on March 24th, and since then an outstanding mix of hate and appreciation has filled social media airwaves. In this day and age, anyone with a Twitter handle can consider him/herself a critic of sorts. Personally, whenever I get to […]

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13 Important Albums from 2013.

So, It’s been four years since the magical musical journey that was 2013. Similar to 2016 it was hard to keep up. It was a great summer for hip-hop and an emerging year for Alternative R&B. We saw comebacks from legends, and debuts from some of the hottest in the game now. All in all […]

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The Workplace Jungle

So, The other day I had a typical day at work. Got there, put my lunch away and went to my desk. It was a perfectly normal day until I saw the new hires on their first real day on the job. They were right out of training hitting the unique sales floor unsuspecting of […]

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Thank you, Anime. Vol 1.

So, We all know that we are in an age where nerd shaming is no longer a thing. Well, at least our generation. I look at my ten year-old little brother and am so thankful he’s a nerd. Why? You stay out of trouble, you learn cool stuff, and discover a whole other realm of […]

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2016 Music Rotation Pt. 1

So, Lee warned me in January so I know he’ll appreciate this shout out. He told me: “Manny, 2016 is gonna be the best year in music in a long time. Probably most memorable in recent memory. I don’t remember a year in music that will be as good as the one we’re about to […]

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