2017 Sleeper Hit Playlist

Personally, I don’t really listen to the radio unless I am forced to (i.e. the aux breaks, new phone, armageddon) or for hilarious talk radio like Steve Harvey. This year brought us a variety of diverse and eclectic music that definitely exceeded my expectations. From old favorites like Drake, to new stars like Sabrina Claudio, […]

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Happy 25th, Kiddo.

Dear Manny, I wanted to make sure I got this to you. It should be the summer of 2013, right? The great summer before senior year. I’m writing this on our 25th birthday, almost five years from when you are reading this. You’re a naive twenty-year-old college student and I have a lot to share. […]

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Winter Album Rotation 2017

So, Winter has come (and no, this is not a GoT reference). But alas, it is that time of the year for: holidays, hilarious work parties, cuddling, and eating food that will break even the most easy going of diets. For some it is a time of joy, for others it is a time for […]

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Apple Music Magic

So, As we all know the music industry today has been revolutionized by streaming. Billboard charts, popularity, and clout are majorly determined by streaming numbers. Artist such as Drake, Taylor Swift, and Chance The Rapper have achieved unprecedented success due to their massive streaming numbers. Do not get me wrong – album sales are still […]

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13 Important Albums from 2013.

So, It’s been four years since the magical musical journey that was 2013. Similar to 2016 it was hard to keep up. It was a great summer for hip-hop and an emerging year for Alternative R&B. We saw comebacks from legends, and debuts from some of the hottest in the game now. All in all […]

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The Life of Pablo – Reviewed.

So,   After much delay, speculation, and Kanye-like controversy, we finally got The Life of Pablo, or #TLOP as it was introduced. As his 7th solo studio album Kanye is no stranger to the creative process that goes into making a fluid and satisfying project. The man has gone platinum each time before this so, […]

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Why T.L.O.P. matters.

Why Kanye’s new album is so important: The man. The movement. The legend. Kanye Omari West. Now you may think, “Ah hell here goes another Ye fan. He’s gonna justify all his so called foolery etc.” Well, you’re damn right. Kanye’s newest album, entitled SWISH, or Waves, or T.L.O.P,  is set for release on February […]

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