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013 Pt. II.

Digimon vs. Pokemon

So, As nostalgia likes to creep up on us every so often on social media, we can expect people to take stances on the topics that come up. It’s human nature. We’ve all heard the big ones like MJ vs. LeBron, Nickelodeon vs. Cartoon Network, hell - Old Cartoon Network vs. New Cartoon Network and … Continue reading Digimon vs. Pokemon

How Tokyo Ghoul :re renewed my hope.

So, (spoiler alert, btw) Tokyo Ghoul season 3, better known as Tokyo Ghoul :re wrapped up this past June. Thankfully, most of our prayers were answered. For those of you who don’t know, the :Re source material was written by Sui Ishida and is one of the premiere masterpieces in the manga world. Immense character … Continue reading How Tokyo Ghoul :re renewed my hope.

The Insanity and Beauty of Relationships.

The Insanity and Beauty of Relationships. The Insanity: So, Have you ever taken a second to think what exactly entails a relationship and how insane it really is? Compared to human nature, at least. We are accustomed to committing ourselves to others and to give ourselves to them. We go through turmoil, growth, and eternal … Continue reading The Insanity and Beauty of Relationships.

Happy 25th, Kiddo.

Dear Manny, I wanted to make sure I got this to you. It should be the summer of 2013, right? The great summer before senior year. I’m writing this on our 25th birthday, almost five years from when you are reading this. You’re a naive twenty-year-old college student and I have a lot to share. … Continue reading Happy 25th, Kiddo.

Anime Dating Profiles Pt. 1

Leevis and Mutthead’s Anime Dating App Profiles Your two favorite Anime/Manga lovers reunite to give you another take on some of our favorite anime. In a much lighter tone than our last collab, Most Defining Moments, we give you a our hilarious takes on what some of our favorite side characters’ dating profiles would look … Continue reading Anime Dating Profiles Pt. 1

5 Places to a Enjoy a Beer, Friends, and Food in Charlotte

So, After living a majority of my post grad life in Charlotte, aka the Queen City, I have had my fair share of fun nights over great beer and food. As someone who is steadily aging (halfway to 30) my idea of a night around the town has transformed over the past couple of years. … Continue reading 5 Places to a Enjoy a Beer, Friends, and Food in Charlotte

Leevis and Mutthead’s Most Defining Anime Moments

So, They say that TWO heads are better than ONE. So I've joined forces with the one and only Johnny Varina (ready to blade brah?) to be able to bring you the first installment of many of the Leevis and Mutthead collaborative post series. For the first one, me and Johnny Lee got together to … Continue reading Leevis and Mutthead’s Most Defining Anime Moments

Thank you, Anime. Vol 1.

So, We all know that we are in an age where nerd shaming is no longer a thing. Well, at least our generation. I look at my ten year-old little brother and am so thankful he's a nerd. Why? You stay out of trouble, you learn cool stuff, and discover a whole other realm of … Continue reading Thank you, Anime. Vol 1.