Business & Collaboration.

I want my platform to be used in the spirit of growth and collaboration. If you want to link up for business endeavors relating to anything below please do not hesitate to contact me!

Forex Trading:

Let’s work to create a more free and secure financial freedom by investing in the same markets all the major banks are using YOUR money in.


My passion. I love helping people using my passion. Experiences in: Resume editing, Website Copy, Blog/Op Pieces, Creative Writing, Manuscript Editing, Script/Screenplays, Fashion, etc.

Marketing/Social Media Consulting:

Experience in: Social Media (Campaigns, Consulting, and Management), Direct/Indirect Marketing, Marketing Consulting, Event Planning, Talent Management, Networking, Management Training, Sales Training/Management.


Bussines: 704.287.0236



Insta: @neverendingsitcom

Twitter: @manny_NES