Behind The Sitcom.

Why I revamped this blog:

I wanted to have more of a purpose, instead of aimlessly writing down my crazy thoughts and sharing them. I think of my life as a situation comedy, or sitcom. The things that happen in my life sometimes are so outrageous that I cannot be making it up. Seriously. I think that it’s important, especially for young people, to know that THEY/WE are in control of our own lives.

In my eyes, I’m not just the star of my sitcom. I am the writer, the producer, the publicist, the director, all of that, but the creator. That’s the Man upstairs. But nonetheless, I want people to take the reigns of their life and end this pandemic of complacency that’s plaguing our generation as of late.

Just like a sitcom I plan to have guest stars, new ideas, themes, and of course, emotion. I want to let you all into the behind the scenes of my life, and hopefully I can learn about some cool things and people along the way. This blog is just the first step, I have tone of ideas to come.

Just wait on it.


-The Talent.