013 – PtIII





Lenny Medina Jr was his father’s pride and joy. He was the oldest son and heir to The Medina Cartel which had filled the east coast of the United States and parts of Europe with drugs, violence, and chaos. Lenny Sr. had made a name for himself by using other dominant family heads to his advantage. The Medina’s were known for professionalism as much as they were known for their brutality when it came to bad business. When Junior was a child he traveled all over the world with his father learning from the world’s smartest scholars and most able martial artists. The last big trip Junior accompanied his father on was to Belgium, where Lenny Sr. met with valued contact Pierre Gadot. 

Lenny Sr., Junior, Lorena, Junior’s younger sister, were all escorted into the Gadot estate. The estate was composed of a white mansion spanning multiple thousands of square footage. There was a fountain in the driveway and acres of land behind it. As they get welcomed in by estate staff, Lenny Sr, wearing a white linen button-down and chinos, looks down at his children and gives his usual talk on manners and behaviors;

“Listen, Junior, Lorena, please behave. I am sure Laura is around here somewhere. Go on and play somewhere! Do not make too much noise, and only speak when spoken too. Entendido?” said Lenny Sr in a serious, fatherlike tone. 

Junior and Lorena, dressed as equally relaxed as their father, run off ahead to the back yard where they find the estate’s princess – Laura. Unlike the militia outfit she wears in the present day, this version of Laura wore a daytime dress with matching sandals, accented with a pink flower amidst her blonde hair.

“Hi Laura!” greeted the Medina kids in unison. 

Purposefully, Laura greets Laura with enthusiasm and Junior with a dull “Hi Leonardo.” 

Junior frowns and responds, “Whatever, I have to practice,” as he starts practicing his Tai-Chi. Lorena and Laura run in the grass to gossip. 

“Why is your brother so weird! He is always staring.” comments a prissy mini version of Laura to Lorena. 

“I think he likes you. And I think that’s just gross,” responds Lorena. 

Meanwhile, in the outdoor common area, Pierre Gadot and Leonardo Media Sr. share a drink and discuss business. 

“Your children, they grow bigger every day, my friend. You must be proud, Leo,” says Pierre as he sips on his bourbon. Being in his own home, Pierre wore a relaxed t-shirt to go with his slacks and sandals.  

“And Laura grows more beautiful every time I see her. She will make a good businesswoman, she runs my kids rampant haha.” responds Lenny Sr. 

Lenny notices the kids not paying attention and switches his tone, after sipping his own drink. He clears his throat and addresses why he flew across the Atlantic Ocean to see his friend.

“Pierre. I have on good authority that you plan on closing up shop. You plan on going clean? How?” asks Lenny Sr. 

“I don’t know how I can keep going. Every run into the EU is more and more dangerous. My little one cannot lose her father. I might try to go clean, sell this estate…anything but keep risking my life… I just can’t.” 

Gadot ran drugs and weapons for the Medinas while leading his own multi-country arms dealership. He not only provided government contracts but also provided military-grade weapons with black market partners, such as Lenny. On his most recent run into France, a United States supported black ops team nearly took him out. 

“Look, Leo. They are starting to find out too much. Some team led by a teenager, A TEENAGER. Almost took out a whole convoy. I barely made it out alive!” Gadot is trying his hardest to keep his composure. What Medina did not know was that Gadot had already been captured and made his deal with a then new recruit Maajida Ortiz. The ferocity of Maajida and her men left Gadot in fear, but he was conditioned to always keep composure around other men, especially in business. 

Medina and Gadot had been in business for a few years now and they knew not to hide anything from each other. Their children were friends and had similar educators, and they made money together. Medina had come to Belgium because a mole he planted in the Gadot camp had recently reported discomfort within their ranks and caught Gadot working less and less – halting their income flow. 

“Gadot if you back out I will have no way to support my people in the States AND here. Do this and we are over.” Medina started to get agitated. 

“I will make sure arrangements are made. Regardless of my decision to protect MY family. Is there anything else we need to speak of? I need to get Laura over to tutoring soon…” 

Medina downs his drink. He smirks, shakes Gadot’s hand and calls for his children. “Lorena, Junior! Vamonos! Time to go!” 

The two children run up and follow him out of the estate. As her two friends leave, Laura looks and waves, not knowing she will only ever see them again over a decade later in the craziest of happenstances. 

As the Medinas travel by car to their next destination, Lenny Sr, makes a phone call with haste. 

“Something is not right with Pierre. Call Elias and tell him to code black all of our accounts in the States. We are going under for a bit, I do not even want to be around when this blows up in that dumb Belgian’s face. I will be in the house in Bogota.” 

Lenny Sr. and his beloved children rode to a private airstrip, got on their jet and flew into the horizon. 




“Baby, stay with me! No matter what, stay with me. We have steak to eat!” pleaded Alex.

 He has never seen his wife like this. As a matter of fact, for the past few hours, his wife has been a stranger. The same curly-headed nerd he loved to pick on as much as he loved to love on was gone. This was her now. He had no idea who she really was. Now, she was drenched in her own blood barely hanging on to her life by a well-placed bullet by Leonardo Medina Jr. 

Laura begins her attempts to keep Maajida alive. Per her training, she begins to check if the bullet made it through. She then checks if any vitals were pierced. 

“Bullet went through, but it nicked a major artery. He did this on purpose. He knew we would panic if our best fighter got knocked down. He has always been a conniving little bastard! LENNY!” screams Laura. 

“Wait, you know him too?” inquired Alex. 

“Yes, our parents were…associates,” responded Laura, as she preps Maajida for trauma surgery. “Alex, I need time to keep her alive. Can you and your crew handle Lenny? I will come as soon as I can.” 

Alex nods and takes a deep breath. He thinks to himself: 

Okay. I need to take out Lenny first. He needs to learn I…no WE are nobody to fuck with. 

Alex exhales, looks up and says: “Here goes nothing.” 

He makes sure his pistol is loaded and looks behind to find his father’s forces’ personal armory. He grabs an AR-15 and swings it around his chest. Before taking off, he looks back and grabs a pump-action shotgun and another pistol. Now he feels ready. 

“Please save my wife,” mutters Alex to Laura as he runs off. 

Outside of the Renteria’s temporary stronghold, Elias and Edgar lead their miniature force against the Medina army. 

“I am sick and tired of these hijueputa Medinas.” yells Eldgar as he tosses his brother an automatic rifle. 

Elias smirks and responds, “ Ha, well now that Los Hermanos Renteria are back together – let’s end this.” 

The two cheer on their men as they hold their position and begin to try and shoot down the Medina forces as they advance. Lenny has been trained to infiltrate and kill – no matter what it took. From a young age his father has groomed him to take over his empire, even when they had to withdraw all action from the US and Europe. The Medina Family still reigned in Central and South America as well as many surrounding islands. As Lenny leads the way into the stronghold he remembers what brought him out to play today in the first place. 


“That is outside of my field of expertise. I cannot take this job Lenny. Please find someone else.” says Alex into his phone as he closes up shop at his office. Looking confused, Alex puts his wireless headphones in to make sure he heard clearly. He sits down on his office couch and closes his blinds.

On the other end of the line, Lenny Jr. sits in his office cleaning his gun. 

“Look, Alex…my friend. I work with you because your Uncle does good business with my family. I need you to count up how much we can get out of this job. Little risk. You’ve never turned away a job before and I do not have a lot of accountant friends.” 

“Ey, Lenny. I am telling you as a fellow professional I cannot and will not take this job. I am not a human trafficking appraisal expert. I am not going to help you weigh and price women and children from who knows where. So get that shit off my line, homie.” responds Alex, getting agitated trying to keep his calm at his firm. 

“Renteria, you are going to regret this,” responds Lenny to Alex and hangs up the phone. 

That asshole probably can’t find anyone for a job that stupid, thinks Alex to himself. 

He gathers his things and prepares to walk home from his Manhattan office. As he walks into his building he immediately notices something wrong – there is a smell of leather and gunpowder in his home. When he closes the door, two men come and grab Alex. Amidst the struggle that begins, Alex holds his own and is able to knock off one of the assailants and knocks him out with a strike to the face. Now facing burglar number two, Alex tries to assess the situation. 

“Why are you here? Who do you work for?” Alex tries to reason with the culprit first. 

Ignoring him, the intruder rushes Alex, who dodges and misses. Taking advantage of the brute’s lack of finesse, he hops on top of the brute and applies a choke-hold. A few minutes later, the man passed out. Nearly out of breath, Alex sits on his couch and is trying to process his immense anxiety. 

I need to clean this up, Maaj will freak. 

Who were those guys?

They were trying to kill me or take me? If they wanted to kill me they could have the moment I walked into the door. 

I also have to get these bodies out of here…shit. I need to call Tio Edgar. 

Alex dials his uncle and just as the call connects, Alex is knocked out by one of the men from behind and passes out.  

The smaller man rings to Lenny, “We got him boss, we will start extracting now.” 

From his office, Lenny grins from ear to ear; “Perfect! That son of a bitch will regret disrespecting me.” After hanging up his phone, Lenny turns to find Lorena, his co-commander. 

“You idiot, he was a valued associate. If his Uncle finds out YOU did,  will have yet another problem on our hands. This is why Dad put both of us in charge and let mom handle the money. Because you’re irresponsible.” scolds Lorena. 

Lorena was referring to her and Junior’s ascension to leading the armed forces of the Medina Cartel. Due to Junior’s rash behavior under his father’s tutelage he did what was best for the family and gave shared responsibility to him and his sister.

A few hours later, Lorena is looking at some emails in her private office when she is interrupted by an anxious worker; “ Miss Commander! We have casualties at two safe houses. It looks like one was hit by a single black ops agent. Female. The second was hit by a skilled group of militia.” 

Lorena shakes her head and gets up while she loads her guns. “This is all Lenny’s fault…tuh.” 



“What’s the matter!? Can’t pay up!? I have tabs for all of you!” yells Lenny as he gets closer and closer to the entrance. 

“LET’S RECAP! OLD MEN. YOU ARE FIRST FOR GETTING INVOLVED WHEN THIS DOES NOT CONCERN YOU.” as he yells, Lenny knocks out another Renteria militiamen. 


From her window, Laura noticed he said “we.” Could he mean Lorena is here too?

“AND ALEX. I AM GOING TO KNOCK EACH ONE OF YOUR TEETH OUT SO YOU NEVER SPEAK TO ME LIKE THAT AGAIN.” On that note Lenny is able to kick the stronghold door down and finds Alex waiting. 

Lenny immediately gets on his radio; “Sis, I have Alex. You take Laura and the wounded.” 

Alex smirks, “Let’s do this, kid.” 

They begin running parallel across the room as they both try to empty their clips chasing each other. As they reload, Alex notices an opportunity and forgoes reloading to get in close with Lenny. Alex manages to land a few blows, before the physically superior Lenny roars and shrugs off Alex as he tosses him. 

Alex shakes off the dust and takes a deep breath, “Damn…he is strong,” he mutters under his breath. 

In the hidden room, Gadot is finishing up emergency care on Maajida, who is now resting. As Gadot finishes the last stitch to her wound, she begins to strategize. 

I need to get out and help the Renterias. They could be outnumbered, and they can use the clean shot. But Alex is fighting Lenny and he is no pushover. Let me get outside and analyze the situation. 

Gadot makes sure Maajida’s earpiece is on in case anyone makes it to the back room. She makes sure all of her holsters are full and proceeds to inch towards the battle. As she makes it to the end of the hall where the room is hidden, she runs into a woman dressed in a similar tech battle suit only it has yellow and red accent marks.

“Laura! It is so good to see you.” smiled Lorena to Laura, who is frozen in shock. 

“I am not going to enjoy this, but I have to clean up my brother’s mess. You understand business right?” 

Laura smiles, “I missed you. Wish we could meet again in different circumstances. It’s been so long.” 

“Don’t hold back,” mutters Lorena as she begins her assault on Laura. 

Outside, The Renterias are still leading their militia against the Medina forces. They are able to hold their position but the gunfight is in a stalemate. 

Hermano, how do we get out of this?” asks Edgar to Elias. 

Elias smiles, “You take the lead. I am not fit to lead anymore.” Edgar gets wide-eyed for a split second, before taking his serious face on. He cocks his rifle and inches forward to take his position. He radios to his men to hold their ground while he figures something out. Edgar has decided to advance on his own with a rifle and an RPG rocket launcher. 

“Let’s see how they handle this!” he yells back to his brother. He aims and shoots the RPG right into the bulk of their forces, sending bodies flying. 

“That’s one way to do it.” laughed Elias. After the sudden shock that the Rentierias caused, the Medina forces slowly start to dwindle. As they notice they are making ground, their happiness is cut short when another convoy pulls up to the stronghold with reinforcements. 

Diablo, we might die here hermano.” Edgar tells his big brother of the imminent danger. 

Elias turns to Edgar and assures him, “The family is back together, bigger, and smarter. No one will beat us.” 



Alex gets back up after being thrown by Junior. Trying to catch his breath, he realizes he is not an even match with the younger, stronger, and quicker Medina. He needs to try to extend the fight and play defense to wear him out. He rushes at Junior who quickly dodges and places a well-executed body punch to Alex’s stomach, who coughs out blood from the blow. 

There is no way a human can punch this hard. Shit. 

Alex jumps back and tries to find a way to defeat the threat in front of him. 

“Alex. You should have just been a good accountant and done as you were told. All the shit we have made you do and now you want to draw a line? That’s probably what your pops did and why my dad tried to have him killed. Funny how that works out that he’s been working for me over here in Colombia.” 

A spark of rage fills Alex’s spine and he screams and runs head on to Lenny. This move has failed before and Lenny invites it smiling. As Lenny goes to dodge, Alex stops short and lands a flurry of blows on the Commander of the Medina forces. He started with a knee to his stomach and began slinging punches to his face and body. Surprised, Lenny takes the beating to see if Alex really was punching with force worth noting. He smiles as Alex unleashes his rage on him. As he lets out a laugh, Alex gets even more frustrated. He gets out his pistol and aims it right in between Lenny’s eyes. Lenny quiets his laughter and takes on a more serious face, despite the bruises and cuts Alex just caused. 

“Look. We both know you won’t do it. Just give up.” says Lenny to Alex, who is shaking in anger. 

As Alex cocks his gun, Lenny slips a knife from his pants and jams the knife right into Alex’s gut. 

“WOOOOOO. That feels good -breaking the skin yourself.” Lenny starts to salivate once he knows he’s got Alex right where he wants him. 

As Alex falls down to the ground, his body starts to slow down and get cold. 

As he starts to fade, he notices Junior looking up in a confused daze with blood shooting out of his shoulders. He then sees a figure rush over and lands a clean dropkick to Junior’s chest. 

“I’m here baby. You did good.” whispered Maajida. 



At another part of the stronghold, Lorena and Laura continue their brawl. Laura who was the brightest agent from her black ops dispatch was up against Lorena whom her entire life knew she was better than her brother, but no one else did. In order to combat that, she endured the same physical training as he did and underwent the same grooming. Thanks to her father’s equal effort to make her and her brother into killing machines, Lorena had no trouble holding her own.

Unlike the mismatch between Alex and Lenny, Lorena and Laura are matching blow for blow. Every punch is met with a block or an equally forceful punch back. Laura runs full speed and Lorena tries to meet her with a kick to the face and loses her footing and slips. The highly trained assassin Lorena, notices this within the split second and changes her footing where she is able to shove Laura into the ground and gets on top of her. 

“I hope you know this isn’t easy. You were my friend and more importantly, could relate despite being a little princess. Why did you go straight?” asked Lorena. 

Struggling, Laura notices she no longer senses bloodlust from her friend and takes a second to breathe, “What I do now is far from straight. I was tired of living such a sheltered life and ditched my old way of living. I wanted to earn my place, and I have done so here…well.” 

Lorena didn’t like her answer and slaps Laura in her face, “Wait…you mean to tell me you put your life at risk because you were bored? You might be crazier than all of us out here.” 

Laura laughs a bit and is able to headbutt Lorena and get back up, “No, the craziest one is Special Agent Ortiz, the woman’s husband you guys kidnapped.” 

“My brother took her out, so crazy as she is I am definitely not worried about her,” scoffed Lorena. 

“Don’t say I did not warn you. So let’s stick to the plan.” responds Laura who is now ready to finish Lorena off. “I am going to try to end this without killing you, but no promises.” 

Laura smiles and charges at Lorena, who is running and smiling too. 



It is a hazy Saturday night in and Maajida and Alex were enjoying a joint rolled with NYC’s finest cannabis on their balcony. This tradition stemmed back from the night they first met – interesting conversation and weed. 

“So, how do you like our new place babe?” asks Maajida. 

“I like the view, and I am glad we took it. It’s…dope.” smiles Alex. 

The two had just closed on their new townhome. They were more than excited to be able to start this next chapter in their relationship together. Enjoying the moment, Maajida gets close to Alex and just lays on him. 

“You know I would do anything for you, right Alejandro?” 

Maajida wakes up from her dream to a paralyzing pain in her gut. She is running out of breath even though she is laying down. Per her instincts, she realizes that priority one is to slow down her breathing so she can think. 

I’m laying down in some building. My back is killing me. 

I clearly have a wound. 

Fuck. That’s right. Medina. I’m going to kill him. 

Maajida slowly sits up and aches in pain. Analyzing the situation quickly she notices a few things. First, she is safe from injury meaning Laura or someone else was able to clear her wound. Then, she looks to the right of her and finds a note: 


You should be able to move in a few. Was not my best work but you will get by. There is some stuff on the counter, you might want to use. Radio Jordy when you get up. 



Maaj smiles and winces. She is able to get up slowly and notices two pills and her Berettas on the counter. Laura had given Maajida a chance to join the fray if she saw fit. Maajida takes the pills per Laura’s guidance and holsters her pistols. Special Agent Ortiz begins to stretch and to see how mobile she is. She winces in pain a little but for the most part she is mobile. 

‘Ok Maaj, let’s go see how nicely everyone is playing together. I wonder what these pills…” 

Maajida is filled with an intense, sharp heat. This type of rush is familiar but different. She remembers this feeling when out on the field. 


Oh shit. She gave me i pills. Typical Ops.

Maajida remembers on many occasions when she has fought to her limit, she would practice what many other Black Ops agents did on the field when they were about to give up or were injured and their mobility was compromised. Down one or a few adrenaline tonic pills. Secretly created within their ranks, this pill was a concoction that is unknown to most. But by several analyses later from Jordy the main components were – epinephrine, serotonin, and CBD. Meaning this pill was designed to pump your body with adrenaline and make you numb. The soldiers had a name for it – “The I Pill.” The “i” stood for invincibility. Maajida recalls it has been at least a decade when she took one. 

“Jordy, you there?” asks Ortiz into her headset. 

“Maaj! You are alive. Laura was saying..” responded a relieved Jordy 

“Look not enough time, I need another thermal scan on the building and I need you to send reinforcements to our location. We need quick and efficient work. It’s been damn near two days since your first call…send any and all you can.” 

“Oh…roger that Agent Ortiz!” hyper than ever, Jordy begins gathering a force to help out his two little sisters. 

“As for the thermal image,  I sent it to your phone. Good luck. Ring if you need anything.” 

Maajida takes a knee and exhales getting used to getting her whole body back, even if it is temporary. She whispers, “InshaAllah, I will get us out of here.” 

She looks up and has a sharp grin she gets when she knows she knows it’s “kill shots only” time. 

“Alex, I’m coming baby.” 




The fistfight between Gadot and Lorena rages on. Both of them have wounds all over their faces and hands. Laura is starting to get antsy and can’t control her breathing, she is starting to realize that Lorena is more formidable than anyone she’s taken on. 

“Alright, I need to wrap this up,” states Laura as she sheaves her daggers. 

Lorena nods in agreement, “Agreed, toys are always fun,” she unholsters her nunchaku. 

The two rush at each other and their weapons clash, echoing through the hallway. The two of them are clearly exhausted but know that if they allow themselves to not go all-in for less than a split second they will die. Their moves are so carefully calculated and precise that it almost appeared as if they were dancing. Every slash from Laura is met with a swing of Lorena’s nunchaku. This was truly a cumulation of both their hard work. Both had something to prove. As Lorena rushes with her whirling nunchaku, Laura tries her hardest to keep her block up even after getting on one knee. Laura’s hands began bleeding as they got knocked over with every violent swing. After she realizes she will soon lose feeling in her hands, Laura closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. When she opens her eyes, she steps up from her crouching position and shoves her opponent back. Lorena is shocked but quickly composes herself. Laura makes her move and launches a dagger at Lorena. Lorena just barely manages to dodge, and removes the top part of one end of her nunchaku to reveal a blade. Lorena expects that the dagger was a distraction and prepares herself for Gadot’s attack. They both go in for the kill. Laura lunges with her second dagger and Lorena with the pointed end of her weapon. 


They both end up struck and fall over. 


Maajida sprints out of the room and comes to Laura and Lorena both passed out and wounded.

Sheesh. They went at it. No time to help. 

She quickly makes Laura ingest an i Pill and continues running. 

As she runs down she can hear Alex scream and a loud thump, and runs even faster. As she breaks the threshold into their room, she sees Lenny remove his blade from Alex’s gut and he falls over. As Lenny stands over Alex, Maajida’s pupils go blank and she goes to work. 

She immediately throws two daggers from her back holsters and they each sink into Lenny’s shoulders. As he is stunned, Maajida sprints faster than she ever has and her first reaction was to inflict pain. She launches right into a dropkick that lands perfectly. Junior flies back into the wall. Alex is dizzy but is able to control his breathing, and barely lets out, “Babe? How are you even moving?” 

“I’m here baby. You did good.” she responds gently, “Laura are you up yet? That i Pill should be kicking in.” 

“Yeah, I am a little dizzy but I am up,” responds Laura as she just barely has woken up. 

“Come tend to Alex, please. I am in the middle of eliminating Lenny Medina Jr.” says Special Agent Ortiz out loud. 

Lenny hates getting taunted, “You said what, bitch?!?” He rips the daggers out of each shoulder and screams. “I’m going to have so much fun killing all of you!” 

Lenny unsheathes his twin machete blades from his back, cracks his neck, “Come get some.” 

Maajida, emotionless, charges full speed, no weapons. Junior takes an overpowering approach and tries to downward swing right for Ortiz’s head. Taking advantage of his big size and easy to read moves, Maajida is able to easily dive out the way to get behind him. Lenny turns around and is met with the same two flying daggers. This time one pierces his thigh and the other his side. He screams and leaves them in this time, as he notices he is losing a lot of blood from his shoulders. He begins his next attempt, slicing the air as each swing just barely misses Maajida. 

“HOW ARE YOU MOVING SO FAST. I JUST SHOT YOU!!.” screams Lenny in a rage. 

Maajida creates distances and takes a deep breath, “Man you are pretty fast for a fat dude.” 

She then unholsters her Berettas and starts firing. Lenny is able to repel back some of the shots with his blades and starts another string of offense. He swings his machete like a man possessed. Majida makes this look easy as the brute’s lunges cannot connect. As she jumps back, Maajida slips on blood and almost loses her footing. She is able to break her fall but is engulfed by Lenny’s huge shadow. Panicking, she lets herself fall as Lenny’s momentum makes him fall further forward. 

Whew. Ok, I need to hurry up, I am starting to feel pain in my side again. 

Maajida takes a second to reload, as Lenny flips back up. He tosses his machete and reloads his pistols as well. The two let out warning shots, and take cover. While the two wait for each other in silence for the other to make a room, Gadot comes rushing in. 

“LAURA. BE CAREFUL.” screams Maaj as she hears her footsteps. 

Lenny emerges from cover, “Laura! How are you pumpkin? I missed you.” Laura is shocked to see Lenny so battered. 

“You look like shit, Leonardo. I’m not here for you though, Ortiz clearly has this.” She runs over to Alex and drags his body out of the way. 

“I’ll deal with you later, but first – your little friend,” says Lenny, as he gets ready to continue his fight with Maajida. As he runs, he notices that Maajida never emerges to return fire. 

That bitch is mine, thinks Lenny and as he hops the broken wall to shoot down Maajida. Lenny finds no one. 

Shit where is she? 

His instincts kick in and he turns 180 degrees to find Maajida lunging at him with his own machetes. Maajida manages to drive one of them right into Lenny’s stomach. At the same time Lenny is able to move out of the way of the blade that was meant for his head and lets off two bullets into Maajida’s stomach, reopening her wound. Maajida’s pupils gain back her natural color and Lenny falls over. Lenny is able to quickly get up and aims his gun at Maajida’s head. Just as he pulls the trigger, a bullet flies through the back of his head and he falls over. 

Surprised, Maajida is able to muster enough strength to sit up, and the shooter was none other than Elias Renteria. 

“Hey darling. I am your father-in-law, nice to finally meet you.” 



As the sun seeps through the blinds of a hospital room, it wakes Maajida who immediately sits up faster than she should. As she winces in pain, she hears a few “woahs.” 

As she looks around the room she sees a bandaged Laura, Jordy, and Elias. She didn’t notice a particular someone and asks in fear, “Where…is Alex?” 

“I’m right here babe,” says her husband softly. She turns to find Alex in the hospital bed next to her. She lays back and reaches over, where Alex’s hands meet hers halfway. Maajida looks at Laura and smiles, “Special Agent Gadot, debrief please.” She nods to Jordy, “Agent Graham.” 

Gadot clear her throat  in annoyance, but begins her report; 

“Right. So the reason Special Agent Ortiz re-activated herself was because Bio-concealed tracker AR-1 was in distress and left the designated zone. AR being her husband’s initials. Alex Renteria-Brown was kidnapped out of his own home by men hired by the Medina cartel because he loudly declined a human trafficking inventory assignment. Once Agent Ortiz was notified of his danger, she followed. Sr. Support Agent Graham then requested my assistance with Ortiz’s self-assigned mission. After some discord, Ortiz and I were able to track down Renteria-Brown to the amazon where we find out Renteria is also aware of the underworld and is fairly skilled at combat,” 

Alex makes a face at Laura, “Fairly?” 

“Fairly skilled at combat, “ continues on Gadot. “When word of Alex’s hit reached both Renteria Brothers, they were able to find each other in Colombia. As they reunited they were able to use Elias’ contacts to find us as we were escaping the Medina safe house. As Agent Ortiz was clearing the exit route of snipers, the Renteria Militia came in and cleared the compound of enemies with ease. Not knowing who I was, we were both retrained and relocated to an old Renteria stronghold. Once there, the Medina Army attacked and we were barely able to escape if not for the Black Ops forces Support Agent Graham was able to call in.” 

“Thanks, Laura. Now where are we again?” asks Maajida. 

“I cannot tell you ma’am. Since you have completed your final mission as a Black Op Agent, you are back in retirement and no longer have access to classified information. You are safe and sound and at an undisclosed location.” Laura responds with a snarky smile. 

“That’s fair,” responds Maajida as she now has tears rolling down her face. 

“You are being released tomorrow! So tomorrow we go back to New York and have a BBQ, Bronx Domincan style eh?” says Elias. 

“Pop, how are you getting back in the States?” asks Alex.

“Don’t worry, I’ll beat you to the city myself.” 



As Alex and Maajida approach their location in the South Bronx, Alex is in the middle of telling Maajida yet another story from on the job, 

“Yeah babe. It was wild. I gave the man the accounts for the laundering and he tried to pay me in art! I was sick. He eventually called his boss the Sultan and was able to pay me in Rolexes. Ha.” 

Maajida responds in awe and then has an ‘ah hah’ moment, “I’ve got one better. This one time I had to go to Yemen…” 

The Uber driver politely lets them know, “Hey we have arrived!” 

The two get out of their car and arrive at an all too familiar scene. There is loud tropical music playing, food on multiple grills, and people enjoying their dance and drinks. A combination of Alex’s family and friends filled the South Bronx park. As they walk up, Maajida is finally able to take her hair down. As she releases her curly mane, Angela Brown, Alex’s mother approaches the newly vibrant couple. 

“Maaj! You have a glow! Baby, you got something to tell me?,” asks a joyous Angela. 

“Haha, no mama.” responds Maaj nervously. 

Alex shrugs the look off and hugs his mom, “Mom please! So anything…interesting happen? I know we are a little late.” 

“Child no, the food is almost ready. Ahh, it’s been so long since we did one of these parties. If only Eli was here…” 

Maajida and Alex look up as the wind starts to pick up, and a large flapping sound starts to approach. As the attendees of the party look up they notice a Black Hawk helicopter approaching their location. Smiling, Alex grabs Maajida by the waist and whispers, “Mom is about to freak. There’s no way that’s not Pop.” 

As the helicopter lands two figures hop out. The first was Laura who then helped Elias out of the copter. Tio Edgar follows behind, overjoyed and filled with tears to have his brother back home. Angela turns around weeping at Alex, “What in the hell!?” she screams. 

Elias starts walking and eventually he and Angela run into each other’s arms and just hold each other as the helicopter quickly leaves. 

“Thanks for waiting for me, Angelita.” says Elias. 

Angela looks up, smacks him in the back of the head and hugs him. “I never lost hope. I am so glad you are ok.” 

Laura joins Maajida and Alex as they melt from the cuteness of Elias and Angela’s reunion. The party is about to get more exciting as more and more people notice who Elias is. As people start to crowd him, Laura grabs Maajida and Alex. 

“Hey guys,” she starts the conversation. 

“Laura, who did you bribe to let you borrow a Blackhawk!?” asks Maajida.

“Hah, oh that? Newbies take a liking to their next captain! I took the exam last week.” responds Laura. 

“Damn, you mean you only waited a few days before going to take the exam? Impressive. I was in bed for FIVE days.” laughs Maajida. 

“Ah. Speaking of that Ortiz, “ interrupts Laura, “I took a look at your charts from the two days you spent in our clinic…and” 

Maajida and Alex look at each other in fright and shush Laura swiftly, “Shut up Gadot we haven’t told anyone yet!!”

Laura giggles, and notices Alex with a beer and Maajida with a bottle of water.

“I can’t believe you did all that pregnant!? You two going say something today? The Renterias will only let you go so far drinking water with all that Corona they bought…” tells Laura to the now fearful couple.

The couple sighs, knowing absolutely Laura is right. They turn to each other, and Alex asks “You ready?”

“Yes, but NO MORE secrets?” prompts Maaj. 

Alex smiles and the two lovebirds join the rest of their friends and family at the BBQ.

All is well. Mission accomplished. 


The End. 


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