0 1 3. Pt II.




Alexander Renteria-Brown lived a good life, on the surface at least. He was young, ran his own business, and just married the woman of his dreams. What many people did not know, including his wife, was that since the age of 17 he had been working for his uncle in the “family business.” His uncle, Edgar Renteria, was his father’s younger brother and together the two were masters of cooking books for mobs, brokering information, and hustling the black market scene. The Renteria Bros were in cahoots with some very scary people and were also hated by scary people. More than a decade before he was a hostage in South America, Alex prepared for his high school graduation BBQ in South Bronx. His Tio Edgar rolled onto the scene wearing a burgundy suit and Ray-Bans sunglasses. Edgar Renteria was in his mid 40’s, donned a curly fro, and was loved by the Dominican community of the Bronx. Together with his brother Elias, they helped raise funds for community centers, renovations, and programs to assist the children and the elderly in el barrio. The Renteria Bros. were big names and he was not afraid to show it. His gold tooth shined through the sunlight as he smiled ear to ear. He approached Alex, gave him a hug, and slipped him a thick white envelope. 

He whispered to Alex, “This is some of your inheritance from your Papa. I know you are going off to college on Long Island, but I might have some work for you while you’re there. Open this, and then call me.” After that, Edgar let out a bellowed laugh “Oh if only my big brother Elias could see his baby boy now. We’re all proud of you mijo.” 

A couple of hours and cases of Corona later, Alex found a moment alone with his uncle. His anxiety had been running high, especially when he opened the envelope and found more than five thousand dollars in it and a note. 

“Have you read the note?” Edgar asked Alex. 

“No. It’s from Pops, isn’t it?” 

“Si, leelo then we talk.” 



My entire life I wanted to make sure my son was born with a good head on his shoulders. You’re only seven years old and I know this. You are going to be a light to this world with your kind heart and intellect. Your Tio and I…we run a business. It runs way deeper than the Bronx, or even New York. One day I want to tell you everything, but just in case here it goes. Your Tio Edgar and I, we take care of the community you see. But sometimes, we have to get involved with some bad people to do so. We help dangerous people manage their dirty money, find valuable information, and other stuff… Edgar is not having kids, but you mijo, you are mine. I want to be honest and say your Papa isn’t a superhero. We work in a dark world and it is up to you if you want to know about it or not. Angela doesn’t want me to involve you at all, but I will leave the decision up to you, son. 

 Tearing up, Alex asks his Tio “When was this written?” 

“A day or two before that ‘fire’ in Bedstuy,so about ten or so years.” responded Edgar, with a drunken frown covering his face.

When Elias was not running the black market of New York, his day job was that of a handyman of sorts. He took odd jobs around the neighborhood under his company Renteria Bros. The company was just a front where Elias and Edgar did odd jobs around the neighborhood. One day, Edgar found himself working in a building that caught on fire, and that is where he presumably perished. 

“Alex, your Papa was a target, that fire was no accident. Me and some of the guys found the men who did it and they paid up. But losing your Papa at seven years old is not easy. So what do you..” 

“Look Tio I’m supposed to go to college, get an accounting degree and get out of ‘dis hood man! What the hell is all this?” Enraged, Alex took a swing at his uncle, who quickly dodged and brought him in for a hug. 

“This is your decision, I am just doing what my big brother asked me to do. It is your…” Edgar hugs the confused young teen with all his might. 

Show me. Teach me. I will make it work.” responded Alex, gritting his teeth and looking more determined than ever. The moment is quickly cut short when the men remember they are at a BBQ surrounded by family members and friends. 

“Alex baby, come help your mama put these up!” yelled Angela Brown, Alex’s mother. 




Gadot kicks the door down only to see Alex with a gun in his hand staring at Maajida who was still outside the window. Gadot breaks the awkward silence, “So, I guess mission accomplished right? We can leave now?”

Alex dropped his gun and helped Maajida into the room. Maajida, still at a loss of words, swoons as a sweaty Alex brings her in. She comes to and barely manages a breath to say, 

“Alex hun, please start explaining.”

Alex tries to ease the surprise with his smug Brooklyn accent, “Uhm, howabout you first Miss Bond, Maajid-.” 

“Alex quit. Look I am trained to do things when there is an unknown threat present. I’d rather tell you about them instead of doing them to you. So again, baby. Start talking.” Maajida comes to grips with reality and quickly composes herself. She then motions Gadot to lower her weapon.

As Alex sighs out, a beep cuts him off. The group looks around at each other and Maajida jumps toward Alex as the wall blows out. 




The side of the room reveals the forest outside and militiamen climbing trees to enter the abandoned building. Gadot wakes up first and analyzes the situation, she starts counting how many men are making their way up the side of the building. She lets out a sigh and the results of her analysis, “At least a ten-man team. Five up the side of the building, two hidden in the trees, and…” 

Two gunshots interrupt her as she turns to see Maajida knocking down another masked militiaman, and Alex shooting down the other two. 

“I was right!” Gadot says to herself, then to the group; “We need to get out of here, NOW!” 

The three sprint out of the room and speed down the stairs. On their way down, Maajida slips a bulletproof vest off of a dead henchman and throws it to Alex. “Baby, wear this please and just follow my instructions.” 

Alex, still at awe at her wife’s demeanor, jokingly responds, “Hey, this isn’t my first gunfight, babe! Clearly, I know more than…”

Gadot interrupts him, “Hey, hubby? Now’s not the time. She’s had a long day trying to find you.” 

“I will say I expected a buncha dudes from my Tio’s hood to come save me and not you two ladies!” yells Alex as they make it out the back door of the building.  

As Maajida’s adrenaline begins to wear off and her body more tired she begins to regulate her breathing. This allows her to slow down her surroundings. After opening her eyes, she begins to plan their escape. After discovering their attackers abandoned Jeep, she takes off as Alex follows, while Gadot watches their six. 

“Ortiz there are at least 5-7 other men out here!” Gadot warns. Almost on cue, the five attackers emerge from the back door. At the same time, a sniper bullet whirls by Gadot’s ear and she reports to her headset, “…five in front, sniper detected.”

Maajida searches the Jeep for a rifle and finds one. She debates for a moment if she should continue to get her husband to talk or get out of this situation first. She throws the rife to Alex.

“Alex, stay in the car and help Gadot by picking some of these guys off. I am going for the snipers,” commands Special Agent Ortiz.

“NO. You stay here and I -” responds Alex before getting interrupted. 

Maajida gently shushes him with her finger, then immediately cocks both of her Berettas and locked eyes with him. Alex nods to his wife, as she makes her way into the forest. Alex turns and notices that the gunfight never started. He looks outside of the Jeep and is met with a fist right to the face. As he fades away, he notices a familiar figure hop in the driver’s seat. All Alex could make out, was a cigar and a straw hat. 

The shaded figure shakes his head and whispers,  


“Ay mijo.” 


Maajida begins her hunt. She has five bodies she needs to eliminate. As it is clear Valentine’s Day plans are ruined, an eerie chill fills up her spine. As someone who is used to success, whether it be in school or out in the field, her mission for the perfect lover’s day was guaranteed to fail. Maajida closes her eyes and takes a deep breath as she kneels. She looks up and grins. This grin only covered Maajida Ortiz’s face when her bloodlust is so strong and ravenous, that her killer instinct turns into sheer excitement.

As she sprints in the forest, she begins to think to herself,

Okay, there’s five of these poor souls. I need to take them out in case of a rear attack when I head back. 

I hope Alex is okay, and Little Laura too.

 I smell gunsmoke. Time to work.

Maajida sprints forward and slides into the ground to land behind cover. As a veteran in combat, she knows that a sniper is trained to wait for the prey. So she decides to bring the fight to them. She reaches around her belt and tosses a smoke grenade over the bush, and immediately shoots it to cause the smoke explosion to happen midair. 

The first sniper begins to panic as the target is no longer in view. Before he knew it, a bullet flew threw the back of his head. Special Agent Ortiz was climbing nearby trees to get a good aim at the helpless snipers. She takes over the tree that the first sniper was hiding in and is able to shoot down two more.

Two left. As she waits for the smoke to clear she looks down to see the remaining two snipers move forward trying to locate her. Maajida hops down, lands on top of one while shooting the other dead cold. The last remaining henchman is the most unlucky.

Maajida ties him up to a tree and presses her Beretta up to his forehead. She clears her throat as sweat drops down her face,

 “Look. Who hired you and why do you want Alex Renteria, tell me and I’ll leave you here.” lets out a tired Maaj. 

The thug smiles and spits in Maajida’s face. In an instant, Maajida’s pupils go pitch black, and as she sheds her eerie grin one more time, she lets two bullets off into the sniper’s head. 

Mission accomplished. Maajida holsters her twin Berettas and begins to head back to the camp. She begins to feel nervous as she hasn’t heard shooting in a while, let alone any radio check-ins from Laura. A few short moments later and she arrives to find the Jeep she hotwired missing, along with Gadot and Alex. She scans around the scene and noticed that the henchmen that were knocked out all had headshots. 

Professionally done, without a doubt, she thinks to herself. 

She has no choice but to dial Jordy who begins his debrief; 

“Hey, so I’m assuming you’re not speeding down the highway with AR1? They are heading into Bogota. It’s going to get crowded. I believe Gadot is either with him or in hot pursuit, their trackers are on top of each other.” 

Shaking her head, Maajida hotwires another car and begins her chase. 


The sun begins to set, and as the clock passes 8 pm the buzzing of flies and laughter wakes Alex up from his slumber as he looks around and finds himself in the back of a truck. As he sits up he notices Gadot tied up next to him with twice the rope he was. He moves with caution as he begins to try and explore his surroundings. He notices it is night time and the truck parked at an unfamiliar safe house. He manages to get free pretty easily and as he motions to get out of the car. Just as he hops off, Gadot comes to. She looks around and when she noticed Alex she jumped up and started trying to break free. Reluctant, Alex helps her with one of her military-grade knives from one of her many holsters. As she is now able to speak, Gadot begins her assessment:

“Ok, Alex, right? So an unidentified party came and wiped out the camp. They were good. Before I knew it, I was surrounded by ten men while another ten men wiped out the camp. I know Maajida went to check the perimeter-” 

Alex interrupts, “Aye, you smell that? Smells like…sazon?” 

Gadot rolls her eyes, “You didn’t let me finish..but it does smell good.” 

Alex was now a man possessed. The smell was haunting, yet familiar. It was the smell of his favorite meals – pollo frito, arroz con gandules, and frijoles. He hadn’t smelled that in years. The smell reminded him of The Bronx, the borough that made him. What made him most concerned was that this particular smell was caused by a certain combination of ingredients that only someone possessing the Renteria family recipe can make. 

Alex and Gadot have positioned themselves outside the safe house. Coming from inside the safe house along with the smell of delicious food, was cigar smoke, bachata from the 90s, and bellowed laughs. Gadot figured if these were the men that decimated the team they were up against, that they were in danger. 

“This is going to be hard. This group of mercenaries is very talented and they seem to know the area very well. Alex – I can handle the hand to hand and you can pick them off…” started Gadot, who was getting amped. 

“You’re going to hate me for interrupting that weird little plan thing you do, but something tells me we good, miss.”Alex smiled and then walked in the safe house like there was no threat. 

Gadot drops her mouth wide open and now has to decide if she is going to stay back and observe or dive in as Alex has. As the decision comes clear that she needs to ensure Alex’s safety, a large and powerful laugh overpowered the safe house: 


Gadot gets wide-eyed and walks through the safe house entryway. The scene she laid eyes on was something she was all too familiar with. Alex stood there and a tall man stood opposite him, teary-eyed and smiling. 

“Pop?” muttered Alex. 

“Yes, mijo,” responded Elias Renteria. 

Elias opens his arms and Alex ran to him, only to connect a well placed right hook right to his father’s face. 

“That was for decking me earlier, Pops.”



Maajida was doing over 100 mph down a dirt road following Alex and Gadot’s tracker. As the night continues, exhaustion starts to set in. For the last 24 hours, Maajida has been running on adrenaline and now she was running on steam. As she looks over to her tracker, she was less than three miles away but pulled over as she notices a checkpoint line forming at the entry of the small town. She was now facing crossing through town or driving around the village. Either option provides its shortcomings. 

If I cut through town it will be faster, but way riskier. 

If I go around I risk being spotted by snipers, and I would be risking their lives more than mine based on the diameter of the town border. 


No choice. Town it is.

Maajida knows that time is not a luxury. So she pulls over and scales the line to get into town. Does it dawn on the Special Agent as to why there would be a security clearance in a small town at nearly 9pm? 

They’re looking for us? Who are we up against, and why do they want Alex?

Maajida recollects herself as she finally runs into a pick-up. A very amateur move, but Maajida hops in and hides underneath the tarp and old tools. As Maajida patiently waits for the truck to cross into town, she overhears the passengers.

“Diablo, what’s going on here?”

“Pienso que buscan a alguien…they are checking everyone’s car. It will take forever to get through the village before reaching the city. Damn.”

“I don’t think it’s the cops actually looking for someone, It might be La Familia Medina.” 

That name caught Maajida’s attention. 

Medina? That was a prominent cartel family back in the day. What the hell did..or do they want with Alex? This man has A LOT of explaining to do. Wait – so do I….

Maajida snaps out of it and realizes her truck safely made it through the checkpoint. As the truck pulls over to a local breakfast diner, she carefully hops out and begins to track AR1 again. 

The other side of town. Ok, Alejandro. Please stay alive. 

Maajida begins her stealthy maneuvering through the city as she was finally able to close back into her original mission; saving her beloved, now mysterious, husband.



Elias Renteria was born in the Dominican Republic in the ’60s. As a boy, his little brother Edgar and he used to go around the neighborhood and do any and everything to make extra cash. A lot of it went to their personal stash that they decided was going to be used to get off the island and become wealthy businessmen in the United States of America. The U.S. was a popular destination for Islanders everywhere – especially with the sought-out nation becoming more and more accepting of minorities despite the perilous news surrounding civil rights at the time. Elias and Edgar were known for everything from paper routes, delivering milk, lawn service, babysitting, personal delivery, and even selling their Mama’s snacks at local baseball games. 

When Elias was 17, he was able to begin putting their plans in action and took their business global. In 1978, Elias was able to come to the states after nearly a decade of odd jobs. He heard from his classmates at the local high school that masses of Dominicans and Puerto Rican’s were heading to Nueva York – the most accepting place in the country at the time. 

It was imagined to be a futuristic city where no one slept, only prospered. Once in the Big Apple, he had to wait two years in order for Edgar to come. So he decided to attend the City University of New York. While attending the college he met Angela Brown, and if you let him tell it, they met when Elias had to pull her off a classmate for skipping her in the registration line. Elias had been practicing English and was able to strike up a conversation after she pulled the two women off of each other, 

 “Are ju ladies first jears?,” Elias makes sure to clear his throat before putting his English to work.

“Yeah, my family just moved up here to this nasty city. So promised my daddy I’d make the best of it. Then this hoe ova here tryna skip me. I don’t play dat. ” responded Angela, in her sassy southern accent.

I have never heard of this accent.

Elias was confused. All of the English he was used to hearing was from fast-talking New York mouths. Now he was being introduced to a dialect he was not used to understanding. Determined to fit in he continued the conversation. 

“Where are ju from? Jour accent is…is very pretty! Mmm..my name is Elias,” Elias extends his hand out to Angela. Angela was shocked to hear someone compliment her accent. Ever since she moved to New York, the locals made faces and had to habitually have her repeat herself no matter where she went. Feeling refreshed, she entertained this handsome foreign man. 

“My name is Angela! Stop making stuff up, boy. Nobody up here like the way I talk! I’m from North Carolina, a much more relaxed place than fancy Neewww York. What about you? Where are you from, Eli?”

“I am from La Republica Dominicana.”

“The Repubwho? The Dominican?” asked Angela.

“Ahh, the Dominican Reepublic!” responds Elias in a eureka-type fashion.

 The two signed up for more than just Intro to Economics 101 together. Eventually, they fell in love, and when Edgar finally made it to the States, Elias was faced with a decision.

“Mira hermano, everything is ready for that deal. Once we meet with the Puerto Ricans here, there is no looking back. We will know enough to send us both to jail easily. Are you ready?” asked Edgar to Elias as they drive up Manhattan into the Bronx.

Filled with adrenaline, Elias takes a deep breath and focuses, “Yeah, let’s do this.” Elias, who three years later knows New York like the back of his hand, drives their Cadillac up into an alley. There, Edgar feels as though something is on his brother’s mind.

 “Hermano, que paso? Dime. You getting cold feet?”

 Elias tries to act like nothing is wrong, but he remembers who he is dealing with and just goes out with it. 

“I think I am going to marry Angela. But, if we do this I don’t think I can. Unless, well…I tell her what we do.”

Edgar smirks, “Haha, wow and here I thought you were being dramatic again. Hermano if you love her you should be able to tell her anything you feel comfortable telling her. Now, I will say if Miss Angela is not accepting of this it might be hard to make things work. So to that, I say good luck…but can we get this money now? Mr. Lenny is waiting for us.”

 The two young Dominicans get out of the car, wearing their best night suits to broker a deal that will change their lives forever – working for a branch of the Medina Cartel in the city.

Elias is relieved his little brother and now trusted business partner, was on board. Soon after, Elias unloaded all his secrets to Angela and the two got married.

 Fast-forward eight years and Renteria Bros is open for business, Angela is working uptown at a fancy accounting firm, and Little Alex was at the top of his class in 1st Grade. While Edgar was now taking on the more lucrative parts of managing the underworld division of their work, Elias managed their business front. He enjoyed fixing things and enjoyed getting to know people. He received a call on a slow day in June that an elderly lady needed her electrical looked at in Bed-Stuy. Although a bit far from his Bronx hub, he took the call as the Renteria Bros. front had to actually be valid and profitable to cover up their REAL business.

Elias got to the Brooklyn apartment and got his tools. As he made his way up, he catches a whiff of gasoline. When he gets to the apartment, it is unlocked. As he makes his way in, he notices that it may be a little too quiet. Curious, he walks in further, unholstering his pistol.

“Señora Cárdenas! Renteria Bros here. We got a call about an electrical spark?” asked Elias in the empty apartment.

 As Elias swiftly makes it to the back of the apartment, a sharp hiss blows by his ear.

A silencer? That was definitely a bullet.

Elias realized this was a setup and cocks his pistol. As he turned around he was greeted by two masked men pointing their handguns at him.

“Put it down and slide it over, Elias.” Demanded one of the masked men.

Refusing, Elias responds, “Look, gentleman. I don’t know who put you up to this but it would be very stupid to try and keep this up. Whoever your boss is, I want to talk to him. Dale, go and call.”

The two men look at each other and as they begin to laugh, Elias doesn’t see the point, cocks his gun and fires two bullets into each of their heads. As the two men fall, one of their radios begins to static:

“Oye, the charges are set. You fools got 60 seconds. Haha.”


Elias started to panic. Should he try to find charges to try and save the building or should he go?




“So I took the chance to keep you and your mother safe. I disappeared. I saved those people and got out of there.” concludes Elias. 

“Pop I get that, I really do. But why not trust someone to know…” responds a still shocked Alex. 

“No one could know. Your mother would have tried to find me and gotten herself killed and Edgarsito would have found me easily. The Medinas…I pissed them off y vinieron por mi.” 

“The Medinas?” interrupts Alex. “They kidnapped me out of my apartment in the middle of the day because I refused a job – looked like brokering a child trafficking deal or some whack shit like that. This all makes sense now.”

“Hah, I was just sick of their mierda.” smirks Elias. 

“So what made you come out of the grave?” asked Alex, in a more serious tone. 

 “When I heard you got married, I knew I had lost myself. My plan was to stay in hiding for two or so years down here in Colombia, and then reach back out to Edgarsito to bring me back in the States…but I was depressed, I started drinking more than ever, drogas también. Next thing you know, it’s almost 20 years later and I am working again and I hear there is a hit out for one Alex Renteria put out by that little prick Lenny Medina Jr.”

The solace of father and son is interrupted by radio in from Edgar’s waist: 

“Hey boss, Medina closed down the border town to try to find Alex and two women. The women are apparently very dangerous. Our guy in the Medina family says they may be Black Ops, together they’ve killed about ¼ of the Medina local forces.”

Elias takes a sharp look at his son and has to ask, “Alex you’re not playing your uncle, are you?” 

“Man, hell nah. I ain’t no fed. The day gets crazier pops. I was finally alone with one guy, so naturally, I tried to take him out and then MY WIFE and this lady with a french accent pulled up!” Alex saying it out loud for the first time made it sound even crazier. 

“I’m Belgian.” snapped Gadot who finally broke her silence after having a front-row seat to Alex and his father reuniting. 

“Don’t worry about who we are, I was asked to help Ortiz so, for now, I’ve assessed we are on your side. Now you said Medina, so they are back in the game?” asks Gadot. 

“They never stopped, well in the US and Europe they did because one of his partners got compromised. But on the islands? South and Central America? They only got stronger.” chimes in Elias. “Some of the jobs I took where through their contacts. I had to use a different name of course” 

“So it was only a matter of time the father and son cross paths in the workplace, wow Diosito is funny my friends.” chuckles Edgar. 

As everything started to seem blissful, the looming fact that the Medina family has bounties out on Elias, Alex, and Maajida shakes Gadot out of the temporary peace. 

“We have to move fast.” Gadot starts loading her guns. 

“We are not going anywhere we are safe here and we have to find my wife!” Alex makes it clear he is aware of the danger but has different priorities. 

Gadot nods and begins to try and get her comms running. After a few minutes of adjusting frequencies on her newer model Ops phone, she manages to get a connection.

“Jordy? Can you locate Maaj for me?” 




Exhausted as ever, Maajida is able to bide some time by swiftly removing a coat off a mannequin as she walks the market street. Taking a look at her tracker, she realizes that she is less than two miles away from her husband, and hopefully Laura as well. Maajida continues her trek and stops by a walk-up pub to check in with Jordy.

“Jody, come in. It’s Maaj. I’m in a border town. Can you get a read of what the hell my husband is doing?”  requests Maajida, who takes a second to sit up against the side of the building. 

After a brief pause, Jordy checks in, “The best I could do was a thermal sensor. But from the looks of it…” Jordy is able to get a thermal image over to Maajida’s sat phone. “I think he’s drinking beer with his captives.” 

The thermal image showed a clear silhouette of Alex chugging a beer with men cheering him on both sides of him. In the background, Maajida notices Laura cleaning her Glock. 

“Jordy, I’m confused. So the Medina’s want my husband? I thought they went down with Mr. Pierre? And are the Medinas getting him hammered?” confused as ever Maajidas hopes for an answer. 

“I am not sure. There aren’t enough satellites in the area to get audio. Can you get closer?” responded Jordy. 

“Will do.” 

Maajida takes a deep breath and adjusts her gear. As she takes a second to collect herself, she overhears the patrons of the pub talking.

“Mira, the Medina’s sent out an update on that hit. Dique, Alex Renteria, Edgar Renteria, and Elias Renteria all wanted. Dead for 10k a head. Alive para 15 each head. We need to get on this.” 

What in the entire hell? Uncle Edgar? And did they say Elias. As in Alex’s father? I thought he died when he was young. 

“Maaj.” radios Jordy in her earpiece. 

“What’s up Jordy? Hopefully good news.”

“Well. Laura said to meet her at AR1, she could not get through to you but managed a VPN call to me. She says she and Alex are safe. It could be a trap, so be careful.” 

“Special Agent Ortiz, out.” 

Maajida rushes to the location on her tracker. Not long after, she comes up to the barn that the Renteria company has occupied. Maajida begins to analyze the situation. 

Four armed guards. From the picture, there has to be more inside. 

Should I sneak in or just walk up. I have no idea what I am walking into here. 

The safest bet is sneaking and getting a peak from up top. 

Majida makes her way up to a tree overlooking the high window of the occupied barn. As Special Agent Oritz gets her rifle ready she looks through the scope and sees Alex, Gadot, and other rugged men taking shots and smoking cigars. Out of surprise, she drops her sniper rifle to the ground and some guards notice. 

Shit. What the hell is going on in there? I’m getting sloppy.

Maajida notices the guards coming towards her tree, but can tell they cannot see her. As they inch forward, Maajida readies her fists as she is going to try to take them out in hand to hand. As they get close enough where she can leap down, the guards noticed her rifle and call it in. 

“Don Edgar, we found a sniper rifle. Lightweight. That might’ve been the noise. We will be on the alert.” radioed in the guard.  

“Ok guys. If the intruder is a tan woman with curly hair, bring her in alive,” responded Edgar on the walkie. 

Maajida is now even more confused,

Was that Tio Edgar?

Now they are targeting me?

As Maajida gets ready to start her infiltration more men come out of the barn and a familiar voice freezes her body as she was about to land feet first on one of the Renteria employees. 

“Babe, I know you’re up there. But please come down. Everything is fine.” called out Alex. 

“Ortiz! Location is secure do not engage anyone!” yelled out Laura.

Maajida hops down and the men gasp. She immediately looks for Alex and runs into his arms.

“You stink. Are you ok?” she whispers into his ear.

“Yeah. We..need to catch up,” he responds. 

Just as Alex leans in for a kiss, Maajida feels a warm sensation overpowering her back. Slowly, Maajida realizes she is in pain. Was it the exhaustion? Maajida falls into Alex’s arms. 

“Babe! Everyone down, back in the barn!” yells Alex. They were compromised. Alex carefully picks Maajida up, whos sweet reunion with her husband was cut short from a bullet to the back. 

“AH POR FIN. WHO WOULDA THOUGHT I WOULD FIND A BUNCH OF TRAITORS ALL KICKING IT TOGETHER.” an excited voice comes from the direction the bullet that got Maajida came from.

A muscular figure arises from the forest reloading his silenced sniper rifle. He is dressed in militia gear, armed from head to toe. He is followed by a small army. 



to be continued.

– The Talent

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