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As we all know the music industry today has been revolutionized by streaming. Billboard charts, popularity, and clout are majorly determined by streaming numbers. Artist such as Drake, Taylor Swift, and Chance The Rapper have achieved unprecedented success due to their massive streaming numbers. Do not get me wrong – album sales are still very important to the nature of the music industry and I am a firm believer that if you truly want to support an artist, or if you really want to appreciate a body of work, a purchase of a cd or vinyl is a great way to do that.


Streaming has also become a great way to discover music. Back in the day I would find out about music through MTV. BET. TRL. 106 & Park. The Radio. Music Blogs. Now I can just go to the charts on Apple Music and voila –  new discoveries. When first becoming an Apple Music subscriber in the summer of 2015, I appreciated it over Spotify because I am brainwashed by the Apple brand. Point blank.

Plus it was three months free for new subscribers.

I really only used it to stream full albums because I liked to enjoy music holistically and appreciate music projects in its entirety. It’s only flaw is not having underground works or mixtapes. Despite that there are TONS of artist that use Apple Music to get out there. It’s incredible the catalog and music that won’t be accessed unless fully utilizing the app.

Disclaimer: I know I am late to the party but if you get Apple Music take the steps it tells you to do. When I first opened my account I did not.

As of late I have taken a lot of time to actually take time to do little things. Because when I filled out my preferences in Apple Music – MAN. Okay people so Apple Music takes what you give it and shoots out playlists, new music, releases, and artists based on the genres you enjoy – on a daily basis. The app also has profiles for artist and users to share music and interests as well as curators who curate playlists for users. Very simple concept but I have found new amazing artists as well as as found amazing compilations of older music from my adolescence. So I wanted to share with you some of the awesome playlists I have discovered! To listen to them or to be taken to the full lists, just click their title.

Jukebox Hits: 00’s Alternative Rock

By Apple Music Alternative

This playlist is a snap-shot of my formative years. I have always been a huge fan of Alternative rock mainly because of the raw emotion and piercing lyrics. Middle school is a dark time for some – so hearing someone scream what you’re feeling at the top of their can be comforting. The list has amazing songs from 2000’s mega bands Linkin Park, Jimmy Eat World, The Killers, Modest Mouse, and My Chemical Romance. The playlist is almost perfection. I would sprinkle in some Staind, System of The Down, and probably more Linkin Park – but hey, still a great trip down nostalgia lane. This is definitely a great ride for those who enjoyed this type of music or if you enjoyed watching those MTV2/VH1 countdowns in the early and mid 2000’s.

R.I.P. Chester – A snip from Linkin Park’s “Faint” video.


The Neptunes: Underground Productions

By Apple Music Hip-Hop

This is a compilation of some of the deep production cuts from one of the most successful production duos to ever do it. Some of these songs I have definitely heard before, while other songs were new and refreshing despite being released years ago. We all know Pharrell and Chad’s chart toppers, but this group of underground songs really appreciate their style and craft. Some big names include Common, Wale, and Kenna; however, I have NEVER heard of The Liks or never cared to listen to a song from Fefe Dobson. I must say the production was simply beautiful. Thank you to this amazing duo. PS – N.E.R.D is back with ”Lemon” a new single ft Rihanna. Excited to see what heat they bring after a seven year hiatus.

N.E.R.D. is back people. This is not a drill.

Best Dancehall Songs of the 90’s Vol. 3

by Apple Music Reggae

I enjoy this playlist for two big reasons. The way this music makes me want to jump up and dance and how it clearly influences the reggae/dancehall I grew up on. Some of these are the ORIGINAL beats that people use to sample today. The playlist includes features from legends such as Shabba Ranks, Buju Banton, and Beenie Man. Growing up in New York I heard this type of music on the radio all the time, but never could put a name or title to the songs. This playlist helped me do so. Without the artists on this playlist I don’t think we’d have artist such as RDX, Kevin Lyttle, or Kranium. So again Apple Music helped me play homage to the influences of artists that I listen to today. SHABBA.

The ORIGINAL Shabba.


The A-List: R&B

by Apple Music R&B

This playlist, like most of the Apple Music A-List Playlists, is one of my number one sources for discovering new music. This playlist specifically is responsible for a majority of my album rotation as of now. Thank to this playlist I discovered Sabrina Claudio, Jessie Reyez, and Berhana and many other up-and-coming R&B acts. If you are having a bad day, realize you are falling in love, or if you want to just make a good day better spin this list. It amplifies feelings whether good or bad. The A-List series on Apple Music is a quick way to find new music or make your job on the aux cord less stressful since it’s updated regularly.

I’m in love with Sabrina. Yeah I said it.


Sweatband Playlist Vol. 1

by Joseph Headen aka @HeadGraphix

This has to be one of the best non-Apple curated playlist I have ever heard. It has no skips. If you listened to any R&B or Rap in the early 2000s, then you can appreciate this collection of thug love anthems. From the raspy melodies of Ja-Rule to the corny raps and catchy hooks from the artist formerly known as Bow-Wow, nostalgia is inevitable. This compilation will have you back in 2004 with Girbaud jeans with a matching tee shirt and Air Force 1’s (or Uptowns if you from up top.) We all remember listening to Jagged Edge on our cd players and trying to burn CDs with the latest Crime Mob single. “Not for the youngins” is right per the description, when I dropped this playlist at my homecoming three weeks ago the true music enthusiasts made the umpphhhh face with every song and just pointed at me. So that has to be good right? So I thank you Mr. Graphix. Please let me know when you do a Vol 2.

Self explanatory. 


Issa Vibe

by Danielle Moore aka @dannymooloo

Not to be biased because this was curated by my girlfriend, but this playlist delivers. Even though some of the suggestions came from music she may or may not have heard while riding in my car, the composition is very careful and intentional. The mix includes several relevant tracks of today’s Alternative R&B scene such as Goldlink (both pre Crew and current), songs from the Insecure soundtrack, Xavier Omar, and others. What makes this list special though is the mix of both R&B and Rap. So instead of me having to search another playlist I can listen to Sampha, Kanye, H.E.R., and Jacquees on the same playlist. This series of songs is best enjoyed under the influence or when you want to have a jam session in the car.

GoldLink getting groovy.


Well that about sums it up for now. There were many other playlists I listen to, but these were the ones that stood out the most from my library as of late. I tried to incorporate a range of music so I hope anyone who reads this takes the time to look at the carefully crafted lists. Again click on the titles to be taken directly to them!

If you do not have Apple Music…borrow your boo’s Apple ID or something. If you have any playlist you rotate with heavy, something you curated, or any recommendations in general, shoot em to me via twitter (@manny_NES).

Over-promising and under-delivering,

DJ The Talent

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