Anime Dating Profiles Pt. 1

Leevis and Mutthead’s

Anime Dating App Profiles

Your two favorite Anime/Manga lovers reunite to give you another take on some of our favorite anime. In a much lighter tone than our last collab, Most Defining Moments, we give you a our hilarious takes on what some of our favorite side characters’ dating profiles would look like. I mean just picture scrolling down tinder and you see one of these? I mean although the worlds these characters live in are all imagination, it must be hard to be single there too right? Take a gander.

Hisoka – HunterxHunter

About Me: Fashionista who enjoys a bit of fisticuffs.

Location: Play your cards right and you can find out (insert winky face)

Age: A gentleman doesn’t tell.

Likes: Gambling – especially card games, taking risks, and investing in long term potential.

Dislikes: Weak people with no potential. People who can’t dress well either, they can’t be trusted.


What are they looking for: Anybody who tickles my fancy.

Hobbies:Fighting strong boys – people for sport.

Interesting Fact: I used to be in a gang – but they were a drag.



Guts – Berserk

About Me: Just an average guy exacting revenge a.k.a The Black Swordsman.

Location: Under the Eclipse.

Age: 24

Likes: Griffith.

giphy (1)

Dislikes: Griffith.

What are they looking for: Griffith.

Hobbies: Sharpening my blade, wrestling with my inner demons, and finding Griffith.

Interesting Fact: I have a weaponized steel arm.


Armin – Attack on Titan

About Me: Boy Genius with 90’s Bowl Cut.

Location: The Wall.

Age: Mentally 56, physically 14.

Likes: Dreaming of the sea, reminiscing on street brawls with Eren.

giphy (2)

Dislikes: Rations for Scouts, Colossal Titan.

What are they looking for: Short Term commitment

seeing as the survival rate for

humans is low.

Hobbies: Reading, Saving Humanity, Steam Baths.

Interesting Fact: Suffers from Vertigo because of 3D Gear.


Mu La Flaga – Gundam Seed

About Me: Anime Captain Kirk.

Location: Deep Space.

Age: ??

Likes: Laser shows, Mechanized Robots.

Dislikes: Long distance, Lightning Bolts.

What are they looking for: Someone who is open to an intergalactic relationship, not afraid to try new positions in Zero G.

Hobbies: Drinking on the Job. 

Interesting Fact: I have a twin brother who has a mask fetish.


Saeko Busujima – Highschool of Dead

About Me: Sword wielding high school student, and survivor of the zombie apocalypse.

Location: The Walking Dead Season 4.

Age: 18

Likes: Mindless hordes, katanas.

Dislikes: Touchy-Feely men, Being the Side-chick.

What are they looking for: Weak boys.

Hobbies: Kenpo Practice,

Interesting Fact: I have kick ass sword fighting skills, but my sword is made of wood a la Suzuka (see Outlaw Star). 


Akane Tsunemori – Psycho Pass

About Me: Shy law enforcement officer that has annoyingly high morals. But I’m cute and enjoy life!

Location: Dystopian Tokyo.

Age: 20

Likes: Justice and psychoanalysis. I love to people watch and imagine if they’d commit crimes or not. Reading old case files.

Dislikes: Killing and badass types. The Sibyl System.

What are they looking for: Someone to listen to me and shares my joy of impeding justice on the world.

Hobbies: Cooking (poorly), reading, and dulling down my crazy work life to my basic ass friends.

Interesting Fact: According to the fake computer that runs my city, I could do any job very well because I have a really high IQ.

Ten-Ten – Naruto

About Me: Ninja Tool Expert, and the only Chinese ninja.

Location: Konoha

Age: 18

Likes: Kunai, Shuriken, Oversized Scrolls.

Dislikes: The Power of Youth, Thick Eyebrows, Bowl Cuts


What are they looking for: BDSM partner (preferably female)

Hobbies: Sharpening kunai, Calligraphy, Training with Neji.

Interesting Fact: I can summon certain tools with my tongue.


Satsuki Kiryuin – Kill La Kill

About Me: HBIC at Honnoji. Serious inquiries. No bitchassness. Follow me at @ClassPrezHonnoji

Location: Honnoji Academy but not class.

Age: 18

Likes: Swords. Dictatorships of high schools. Supreme rule of domains.

Dislikes: Weak minded fools. Weak people. Anyone in my way. My mom.

What are they looking for: Someone to really challenge me besides my annoying little sister.

Hobbies: Training my body and mind. Sword sparring.

Interesting Fact: I once defeated 500 men in a fight when I was in middle school.


Dutch – Black Lagoon

About Me: Armed Services Vet – Business Owner – Chill af. Marsellus Wallace aesthetic.

Location: Thailand on a boat.

Age: Old enough.

Likes: Philosophy, a good book, low-risk, high reward jobs.

Dislikes: Nazis, crazy white and asian people,unprofessionalism.

What are they looking for: A wholesome person with a chill attitude who just wants to enjoy the seas with me and my buddies.

Hobbies: Reading Nietzsche, keeping my neurotic employees in check. Enjoying good Thai food.

Interesting Fact: No one knows what my eyeballs look like.


Meow – Space Dandy

Location: Aloha Oe.

Age: 24

Likes: Pescatarian restaurants, Miso soup, Rumchata.

Dislikes: Space Dandy, Dogs, Zombies, Hypersleep.

What are they looking for: Someone to come scratch behind my ears, which are between my legs.

Hobbies: Star surfing, interdimensional traveling, writing for S3 of Space Dandy

Interesting Fact: Ben Affleck is my favorite actor.


And there ya have it. Hope these made you laugh. We want to do more so if you think of any characters we should do or other really normal situations we can put characters in for comedy let us know in the comments or SM!




P.s. check out Lee’s awesome work at:

Photography – The Golden Moment

Poetry and Writing – The Nuclear Cottage

Underpromising and over-delivering,

The Talent-senpai

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