Nuestra Latinidad – Our Culture


( started last week)

Mi cultura es la mejor y mentiras no digo! Ha! Being at my ma’s reminds me why I love my culture so much. The vibrancy, the loudness, the sincerity, and the hilarity. I guess this is really the only culture that can fit me. Raw, honest, and unafraid. As a people, Latinos are unique. Though divided by cultural, language, and geographical barriers we have NO problem coming together as one. We know we don’t always have people in our corner so we make our own paths sometimes. WUEPA. Here some of my favorite parts of Latindad.

Motivation to succeed- Motivación al Exito

I’m currently typing this as my sister registers for additional classes for the summer so she can get ahead and finish her transfer credits. I am so proud of her. She’s been through hell and back but she’s pushing forward, she’s even pushing her boyfriend to take classes in mechanics; what he likes to do I guess? I don’t care, we push what’s best on each other and that’s an amazing part of our culture; prosper how you can no matter what! My sister is an example and so is my mother. Raising us alone is no easy task. My siblings and I are handfuls to say the least. No matter what though, we make sure que mi ama está bien; that Ma is good. What does that mean? She’s healthy in many different aspects. Hispanic mothers value nothing more than their children, and that’s so special. Yeah we make sure Mom has what she needs physically and economically etc. But something that will always make a Hispanic mother alright is that their kids are doing alright. As long as we’re doing what we need to be doing and not straying from la ruta que nos dio Diosito, were fine. In a nutshell, we want each other to prosper and knowing we are striving for greatness keeps us in a clear state of mind, especially for mothers. 😜

Paper 22

The Vibrancy I- Music | Lo Vibrante I – La Música

Really? Do I need to keep typing? Why yes, duh. Let’s see what comes to mind when you hear these words; Bachata, Merengue, Mambo, Reggaeton, Salsa, Típica, La pista, Punta , Cumbia!! Something along the lines of huge smiles, a lot of moving, and maybe the occasional sticking out of the tongue or wink! Ha. Music can be an outlet for so many emotions. Sadness, happiness, anger, frustration, love, sexual tension, appreciation, and many more can round off the list. I mean we have the Hispanic Drake- Romeo Santos, who now have a song together. The tears those two will and have shed in the faces of people worldwide…lol. We have Oro Sólido, literally the most turnt and hyper active group of old dudes who love Merengue! There’s so many examples, but the main point I want to get across is that the fact that most of our music allows you to express yourself with dancing gives it such a dynamic effect on our people!! To be honest half of the time we don’t know what the hell the song is saying but if it makes you smile or frown or get up immediately you know the effect is grand.


(Finished today)

The Vibrancy II – Food | Lo Vibrante II – La Comida

Another beautiful aspect. We all have that one dish you will never say no to/ jump for joy when Ma or Abuela get to making this. My personal favorite? PUPUSAS. All my Non-Latino friends pretty much didn’t know what these were until they met me. They are amazing. Hard to explain, but just imagine greatness. My mom makes em by hand, so naturally I judge any Pupusas I have to pay for. Although Pupusas are a Salvadorian dish, straight from the campo, I have others that don’t necessarily pertain to my household. For example, arroz con gandules or Puerto Rican rice blah blah. That stuff is amazing. You’d literally think some kind of addictive toxin was used to make this rice. I’m talking all in one. Loud, bold flavor. This dish comes with the versatility that is the side dish of rice with the extra spark of so many ingredients that mesh into a plate of pure immaculateness. Hamon, gandules, DIABLO. If you haven’t had some, get some. Thankfully, I grew up around Caribbean peoples so their was never a scarcity. When my Mom learned? My world was near complete. The beauty is that each culture has that one premiere dish we can all enjoy! Mangu, Tostones, Mofongo, Valiadas, Pupusas, Mole, Paella, Ceviche, and the list goes on! Again going back to the versatility, diversity, and beauty of this cultura.


Family | La Familia

As Latinos one of our core values is a sense of family or comradery that is fostered within us from jump. La familia es todo. La familia viene primero. Sin familia hay nada. Family is everything, family first, without family you have nothing. Now family isn’t always mom dad sister etc. Family is the people you form meaningful bonds with. First, at least for me this aspect goes both ways. I have my family, my mother and sister who are my motivation for everything. Then, I have my family; my boys, my closest friends, and those people who have played huge roles in my life. Essentially, we’d do anything for these people regardless is they’d do it in return. That sense of passion that Latinos are born with applies to this too. We apply it to the bonds we form, and sometimes friendships evolve into something more such as a romantic relationship, or a good friend, who later becomes a brother. It’s an amazing benefit and can be a crutch. We’d go out of our way no matter what, it’s simple. Although, I will say that sometimes this passion can blind us and we sometimes learn the hard way who’s our friend and who’s family.


La Pasión y El Amor | Passion and Love

Before I continue typing: *Turns to Romeo Santos playlist on Spotify*

Haha. No but really. I can honestly that 85% of all of our music/TV/media deals with relationships. Yeah both with friends and love. Mostly love. We all want that one person? The one? Yeah with Latinos, romance is another ball game. It’s like a trade almost. Now, you have stereotypes where Latinos will serenade you, and smother you with a rosebed, salsa dancing, and little overly commonly used phrases in Spanish. Ehh…sort of true? But not really. Ha. From personal experience I can say this translates to us simply caring or paying close attention to personal relationships. We like to please those that spark our fire. We like to be unashamed of who we care about. It’s simple as that. I’ve met some of the most passionate people. They would do anything for their significant other, because they wouldn’t be significant if you wouldn’t. It’s beautiful really. And I agree completely. Once that notion is made that you are theirs and they are yours; a beautiful thing happens. The best word for it is cohesive passion. A reciprocated appreciation for each other and want/need of this person. Sometimes it may be misinterpreted and that can cause a rift. But hey, who doesn’t love a Latino/a?

Well I could go and on, and ON about this topic but I won’t. I’ll save more for another day. Thank you all for reading and I appreciate you all. Gracias.


Prometiendo debajo y entregando más allá

Under-promising and over-delivering

El Talento – The Talent

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