I’m Back.


I want to apologize for my utter most neglect to my writing. So today I kick everything back off. I have been one busy dude however. I would love to give you all a fast track of what’s been going on for that past two months. So brace ya’selves.

 So besides being a student, some of you may know I work for The Carolina Latina/o Collaborative here on UNC’s campus.  I serve as the Sr. Undergraduate Assistant that means I am head of the other entire undergraduate staff. The office works on fostering collaborations and support of Latina/o based organizations and efforts on campus as well as the Carolina community overall. I had big shoes to fill as I am the third person to ever hold the position. The person before me held the position for three years and did it well. My first big task was chairing the 4th Annual Campus Wide Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. I had to organize a committee and execute nearly 40+ events over the span of one month, all while my boss went on vacation. It was a big feat, and I decided to do things differently than those before me did. I took a more laid back approach and decided to put faith in my staff, and the organizations that were part of the Planning Committee. Thankfully, this paid off and my relaxed, trusting approach resulted in an amazing month full of events. Attendance was through the roof, press was great, and people were taking value and knowledge from all the events.

This meant so much to me, and was really something I can call my own and be proud of. I was so insecure going in, and we all know that isn’t normal for me. I never felt such an obstacle faced in front of me. I felt doubt all around me. I always felt like the underdog at work because I never fit the typical “mold” of a professional to most. My boss was never fully in support of my jeans, retros, and Yankee fitteds. Although I tried, I couldn’t help but always show a little of myself. That being said, I had to make sure I perfected the “switch.” In a student leader’s realm you hit this “switch” depending on situations. You can be this happy carefree guy with sneakers and hoodies one minute, and be able to switch into slacks and a sport coat with the blink of an eye. For me that was so tough because no one ever put that trust in me. I’m guessing people thought putting me in charge was a gamble, but nonetheless I proved my worth. I am beginning to show people that I mean business, and I’m here to make history and leave my heel print on this campus and my mark on the world.

Speaking of history, in one of my earlier posts I let you all know about a certain company I was working for; HIT’M Management, or History in The Making. Since then I formed a vision and started the HITM BRAND Initiative. The BRAND initiative was branching out from the business of things, and making sure HITM is also a movement. Thus began a small infamous Instagram campaign where I featured different students on campus, showing their support for the movement, which eventually led to a special apparel release the “History in The Caps” Limited Snapback cap. We collaborated with The CAPS Premium. A local Durham based hat brand released and operated by a former co-worker from Lids. His message: Children Against Pressured Society. With CAPS, my man is promoting getting children out of bad neighborhoods and achieving in prosperity and academics. Combining the two messages felt right.  Now HITM just released the “Debut” Crew Neck Sweat Shirt, and the “Game Changer” Snap Cap. I love what I am doing and creating brand awareness for a movement I truly believe in.

The Don


Those are two big projects that have been taking a lot of my time. I encourage you all to take on projects you are passionate for. There’s no better stress, than the stress that comes from the things you love. I love expressing myself and seeing my hard work pay off, so, I take charge of these projects and make them my own. Don’t let anyone doubt you, and please do not let anyone hold any of you back. Analyze your relationships carefully because the connections you form now will be here for a while folks, but do not be afraid to meet new people. It tough because it sounds like I am contradicting myself but think about it.

Oh, and I’m back I promise. At least one a week! Seriously people!

Underpromising and overdelivering,

-The Talent


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