“It’s Been A Long Time Since…”


This one will not be long, I hope. Well, they never are but still, I like warning you all. I’m the kind of person that likes to simplify things, but trying to simplify them sometimes gets me even more confused. THIS is not one of those times. It’s been a long time since I just sat back and re-evaluated my life. Maybe it’s because I haven’t recently almost lost it.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with how I run, I rarely stress things, or let things get to me. I love pushing through things with smiles, jokes, and hugs. In a sense you can say I am a lover not a fighter? Not that I won’t unleash my hidden Brooklyn Beatdown or anything, it’s just that I’d rather not because it’s too troublesome. I also don’t use this as a “coping” method are anything like that, it is just who I am. I love getting the most of my time here on this Earth, which I know now is more precious than ever.

Why am I being so nostalgic? My friends and I almost lost our lives yesterday. You would have never guessed. It is the Thursday before the first weekend back; everyone was ready to celebrate for one reason or another. Coming back from hanging with our bud, the ride was normal. The drive is literally 5 minutes and I didn’t feel like driving because I didn’t want to text and drive so Deej said he would. The typical car ride ensues of laughter, picking on each other, and planning the night ahead.

Next thing you know I wake up to screams from my friends telling me to get the hell out of the car because it was leaking. I wake up to immense shock and almost kick my door out to let everyone else out. After the initial reaction I saw my baby, Red Lightning, a 99’ Honda Accord fuel injected, V6 stallion that has gotten me to wherever I need to go no matter what for the past 3 years. I saw the car and just thought “I’m screwed, RIP Manny because my mother is going to jail for homicide.” Then after getting my thoughts together and finally waking up from being knocked out I got filled in that the other car ran the light and the fault was all on them. *Small praise dance*

There was a vigilante bystander on the scene that saw the whole things and cussed out the other driver like he was part of our clique or something. He was very helpful, and I thank God for him, and that we all could walk away from the wreck. Why? Because from the outside the wreck looked terrible. Red Lightning is totaled, and the other car just imprinted from smashing through us to get across the intersection.

After it all, I still said a small joke to calm my bros down because I know they were shocked too. I was extremely traumatized but sometimes, your bros come first. It’s as simple as that. When you go through things, once you know your ok (which should take milliseconds because men are stubborn and ignore pain sometimes)  you check on those you care about.

Just know that Crash & The Boys are ok, and expect us to continue on with greatness because we are even more assured of how precious our time is. I expect to cherish life even more that I have been these past couple of months since my life has changed immensely. Like it or not, since about May my life has taken huge turns where it is just not the same and I have to accept it. I expect it to still be for the better so I continue pushing on. I love my friends for being there for me through things, and I love being there for them.

Cherish those who cherish you.

Do not let any smile go to waste.

Never let anything get in the way of a friendship you believe in.

Always try to have a clear mind/conscious because you will never know when its your time to leave this beautiful planet.

But what I will continue to repeat till my last breath is that When you ask God for strength he gives you struggle.”


 Glad to be breathing and…

Underpromising and Overdelivering,

-The Talent

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