A Talented Fashion Feature Vol 3 – HITM Edition


I want to deeply apologize for getting this in to you all late! It has been a crazy week with all these welcome back programs, parking mishaps, and of course hosting the infamous Fall Fest for me, but that is another blog post. *woes of an involved student*

In today’s post we are highlighting two of my favorite people and co-workers. I work with these two motivated individuals at HITM Management Group. HITM (History In The Making) Management is a full service talent management company out of Raleigh, NC. Founded in 2013, the company offers services in Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media Management, Design, Overall Promotions, Event Planning, PR Writing, Studio and Production, and much more! Check them out by following @hitm_group on twitter/insta or emailing info@hitmgroup.com! If you are looking for internships/jobs in design or marketing hit that link up as well! 

First up is one of the most driven and creative people I’ve ever met, and it shows in her style as well…

Lisa  A.K.A “Smitty” – Campbell ’11 & Full Sail ’13, Executive- HITM Management Group

Follow Smitty: @llcoolsmitty on twitter/insta


Here we see Smitty rocking a classic Banana Republic fit, as well as a custom HITM Apparel Hat to hit the market soon!





Smitty, who’s occupation can only be described as “manager by day mogul by night” is always on the move. Her drive and business savvy steers her fashion to where she needs to look crisp and trendy always, with a hints of personality every now and then…

When asked about her favorite brands, Smitty answered: “I don’t have a favorite brand. However, I love quality clothing. I love  brands that last. I love to shop at stores such as Banana Republic, Gap & Urban Outfitters. However, these days I’m quite bored with the mall. Nothing is appealing to me.”

Smitty likes; “Quality brands that last. They do not advertise their logos as billboards on their clothing either which is a huge for me.”

Over the years Smitty says that her style has changed every couple of years. She said her location, age, and peers influence her style the most.

Smitty describes her style as nothing but “Simple.”

As of now Smitty has noticed that “Simple” is also in. She let me know that in her opinion, “BOLD is out and simple is in.” Working at the mall she sees simple tees and fits, including hats.

Now we take a look at what everyone’s favorite party WOLF likes to rock…

 Zenny B. AKA DJ Zenny Bambino – HITM Represented DJ/Producer

Follow Zenny: @djzennybambino

For Bookings/Appearances: bookzennybambino@hitmgroup.com

Site COMING SOON: www.zennybambino.com

Here we find Zenny with a simple fit and a fly snappy from New Era, and we get a glimpse on what we can only call her alter ego for the turn up: The Wanderland Wolf.



Zenny, an EDM/House/Hip Hop/Trap plethora of talent is a DJ/Producer under HITM Management. Growing up and living in places such as ATL and NY, she has a rather eclectic view on fashion rather it be dope threads or a rare thrift find. Zenny says the best way to describe her style is “Impromptu…”

– Currently, what are your favorite brand lines, or overall brands?
Adidas Originals, Father & Sons, Rag-O-Rama.

– Why these specific brands?
I like setting myself apart from the current trends. Places like Father & Sons and Rag-O-Rama are consignment shops. Some people may find it odd to buy people’s used clothes, but I find the coolest pieces of clothes, jewelry, hats, and shoes that you wouldn’t come across in most clothing stores here. 

– How did you come across this line/brand?
I was wandering around the city in downtown Raleigh one summer and ran across an oldschool bike for sale outside of a shop. When I walked into ask about the bike, it was like I stepped into a time machine. They have furniture there, clothes, records, everything! Ever since then it’s def been one of my favorite places to go. 

– Who/what influences your style?
My lifestyle and personality is the key influence in my style. As a DJ, I am on my feet a lot and have to be ready to be on the go so I need to be comfortable. 

– Describe your style in 1 word.

In your eyes, what is trendy now, what is no longer trendy?
This mustache thing is trendy. I see them everywhere and on everything!
Not so trendy anymore would prob be colored skinny jeans. 

So there ya have it folks! Vol. 3 features not only two fashionable people, but they are talented as well. I urge you all to check out their links and seek HITM out for their services. Don’t forget that HITM is also currently looking for design/marketing interns! They are very useful. (I would know I do PR/Marketing for them!) As always if you want to be featured please email me at mannya@hitmgroup.com or hit me on twitter: @manny_stackks.

Underpromising and overdelivering,

– The Talent

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