” A Talented Fashion Feature Vol. 2″

As promised,

I bring you Vol. 2 to the on-the-rise “A Talented Fashion Feature” fashion series portion of my blog. Last week I brought you all 2 edgy but classy fashionistas who dared to be different. Today I bring you two young men with heavy hip influences both in life and they way they dress. There are many hip-hop/music inspired styles out there for example we all remember when FUBU was at the top of everyone’s Christmas list and when G-Unit/Reebok collabs swept the nation. Now, either artists or their personal style inspires certain brands. Today we highlight classics such as Stussy, and the edgy BBC.


Follow Masu on Twitter/Instagram: @704MAAC

Check him and his “58 Mics Company” at: www.58mics.com

For music inquiries etc: maaccruiz@live.com

Masu rocking a classic Stussy tee with the QC in his background


Masu, a friend from high school of mine, has always enjoyed comfy fits with simple accents. I see Masu as someone who stays true to wearing something he truly like rather then what’s hot. Remember people: flashy isn’t always better.

-Currently, what are your favorite brand lines, or overall brands? (2-3 max please)

Stussy & Nautica.

-Why these specific brands? (you don’t have to specify all, maybe just your favorite one etc.)

My dad wore Stussy back in his day along with my cousins and uncles. It’s a brand you could wear 10 years for now and not feel like you out of place. It’s a Classic. Simple as that.

-How did you come across this line/brand?

My dad and my cousins.

Who/what influences your style? Was it a celebrity? Commercial? Media?

My friends for the most part. I took a little bit of everything from my friends and a little of something from my dad and my uncles and put my own spin to it.

-Describe your style in 1 word.


-In your eyes, what is trendy now, what is no longer trendy?

Seems like a lot of people are into leather and gold. A lot of it. I would say that’s trendy for the most part cause I’m even seeing people who don’t have ends like that trying to pull that whole “look” off. I’m not sure what’s no longer trendy. I feel like there’s still parts of the world where people are still wearing what we wore in 2009 consistently so I can’t really say.



While Masu enjoys the classic and simple route, our next guest enjoys the edgier and trendier…

Raheem J. – ECU ‘17

Follow Raheem on Twitter/Insta: @chubbyassjizzle

Ra in his BBC, and Nike Kobe kicks, also sporting a bucket hat that is definitely “in” nowadays… 


Raheem, also known to our friend group as simply Ra, has a strong liking ot fashion, and making statements with his gear. Ra reminds me of myself when I was younger: literally stalking shoe news and making sure his gear leaves a stamp where he goes. We find Ra in the middle of his transition to what some people call “high fashion.” Ra tells us, “I recently bought my first pair of Balenciaga’s…”

–  Currently, what are your favorite brand lines, or overall brands?

Lately I’ve been into the street brands and right now my favorite brands are Play Cloths and Billionaire Boys Club. I just purchased my first pair of Balenciaga Arenas and without a doubt they are my favorite.

– Why these specific brands?

Play Cloths is my favorite right now because of the dope fall collection they just released, it’s amazing.

– How did you come across this line/brand?

Growing up, Jay-Z was my idol so seeing him rock Billionaire Boys Club t-shirts caught my eye.  I came across Play Cloths by shopping at Pusha T’s boutique/clothing store Creme. 

– Who/what influences your style? Was it a celebrity? Commercial? Media?

My style is influenced by celebrities. I watched what they rock and if I like it I buy it.

– Describe your style in 1 word.


– In your eyes, what is trendy now, what is no longer trendy?

TRENDY : Leather pants and waxed denim. 

NOT TRENDY: Camo Pants. Ever since Wiz stated “camo shorts go with anything I wanna wear” camo has gotten out of hand. 


So as you see, everyone has a different taste in similar areas. We see Masu and Ra rocking both spectrums of hip hop/urban lines. What’s next? No idea, but I hope you all caught another glimpse of what people are rocking, take it or leave it!

Don’t forget if you want to be a part email me at mannya@hitmgroup.com!

Underpromisng and overdelivering


                                                                                    – The Talent 

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