“With The Ease Of A Conductor…”


Breathe and imagine life in 20 years. Place yourself in the future. Where will you be? How will the world be? Will you be clocking in at your sanitation job as silver flying cars around you? Or will you be on the 56th floor of the now old news Freedom Towers, working on the marketing campaign for the first official cure for cancer that will be available to everyone, because at this point our country will finally have free healthcare and a minority president for the second time. Crazy right?

You never know what tomorrow bring, Freedom Tower - NYC
You never know what tomorrow bring, Freedom Tower – NYC

People are different and so are our dreams. Me? I don’t have a solid picture, not just yet. I do have some goals, the main one: making sure my mother and sister have nothing to worry about because I pay all their grievances. In my eyes, it is August. This means I have 4 months to be a different, better person. Hell, today is Wednesday, so by Saturday, something has to be better about me. Always looking up. Like Mama Amaya said: “Always look good while doing your best, back straight up and eyes on the horizon.” Pretty simple right? So enough with the questions and listen to the statements.

At this point in my life I am readily able to say that I am on the brink of transcendence. I feel like I did 4 years ago, Young Manny Stackks, then known as Manyezz, (a previous pseudonym I used to assume), entering my senior year in high school. My high school mentor once described me with the following statement: “Manny had the whole school in his hands, he controlled the crowd with the ease of a conductor, which really meant he amped up his school in his own creative and witty order of commands.” I only read this statement because I forgot a scholarship deadline SO I kept the scholarship letter. Since reading this letter, I knew I wasn’t some deadbeat, salty, Charlotte implant via Long Island. I knew that I could actually have a purpose. I knew that I had something more to look forward to than just a high school diploma and a forced upon college career that I almost did not want to embark on. His letter made me realize that I had the power to become something more then even my family could comprehend.

Enough babbling, what I want to get across to you all is that everyone has a purpose. This purpose is partly imposed by an unseen force (faith or what have you) and partly, MAINLY, self-imposed by your own drive and productivity. Just think about it, you think to yourself, “I am put here to do _________, I want to be ____. How do I get ______.” Different rays that lead to the same point: THE FUTURE OF YOU.

In the end (Not biting Linkin Park) it doesn’t even matter, (Ok a little Linkin Park) as long as you achieve these things; happiness, love, and purpose. In my opinion, you have lived a fulfilling life. But, hey, what do I know, I am just a fairly insightful college senior.



Underpormising and over-friggin-delivering


                                                                                    -The Talent.                                                                                                     

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