A Talented Fashion Feature Vol. 1

Get excited people:

Ok, so I know you all are amazingly interested where I am at in life, and in my amazing stories of life, love, friendship, and all of that. Sorry my friends and valuable readers, its time to focus on other things than just myself! (don’t worry I’m sure I’ll find myself writing about my life sooner than later!)

So, like I said when I first started this blog, it will cover entertainment, fashion, music, etc. in addition to my ever so interesting life. A couple of days ago I realized I really needed to start covering these topics! So earlier this week I opened up entries for a fashion feature for the blog.  I asked people a series of questions to highlight their favorite fashions, and what they thought was “in” today in the world of fashion.

For my first Fashion Feature, I talked to two people with similar styles: classy and pressed. What really captivates me the most about the fashion world, is how people assume this exoskeleton that is their clothes and accessories and make it their own. People connect with these styles in ways unique to only themselves.  This week we will hear about two fashionistas who aren’t afraid to wear what they want, and hilariously, say what they want. These two rock Juicy Couture, Marc Jacobs, and other dope brands. First up…

Nikki W. – UNC Senior  

Follow Nikki: @_NicoleSays

Read Nikki’s Blog! At: http://www.nicoletilyouoverdose.blogspot.com

Nic in her Sam E shoes, and Nasty Gal skirt. 

Image Nikki, a good friend of mine from Connecticut later adopted by Waxhaw, North Carolina describes herself as crisp. She recalls stumbling upon a specific brand during econ and “getting a C+ and till being fly..”

-Currently, what are your favorite brand lines, or overall brands?

“Sam Edelman (Shoes), Marc by Marc Jacobs (Bags/Accessories), Anything at Nasty Gal (Nastygal.com)”

-Why these specific brands? (you don’t have to specify all, maybe just your favorite one etc.)

Sam Edelman shoes are always gorgeous, well made and fit my narrow feet. They also embrace trends without necessarily looking “trendy”, which adds the perfect punch to my outfits without coming across as “doing a lot.” Marc by Marc Jacobs is the perfect compromise between having items from a designer I love, and not spending 5k on a bag. Though it’s still pricey (I got my tote as a birthday gift) it has lasted me 2 years without so much as a tear. It’s chic, classic and durable. Loves it. Nasty Gal is sassy. I’m sassy. What else is there to say?”

-How did you come across this line/brand?

“I stumbled upon Sam Edelman while running recklessly through Nordstrom with a fresh paycheck, and fell in love! My favorite sandals, flats and pumps are all his. Marc by Marc Jacobs came about from stalking runways. I’m a fashion week, Harpers Bazaar, Vogue and W junkie and his pieces are always featured under “modern” or “clean” subheadings. Duh. I found Nasty Gal in Econ one day and spent every day of the semester blowing my refund check. I got a C+ in econ, and spent half my check on clothes, but I was fly.”

-Who/what influences your style? Was it a celebrity? Commercial? Media?

“My grandmother. I swear she never leaves the house without her lipstick, her hair curled and occasion appropriate accessories. She was born and raised in an era where women dressed like ladies, and it shows. She’s always pressed, belted and glossed over perfectly, and oozes femininity. But she’ll still come for your entire life without hesitation. Still trill. Wonder where I got it from…”

-Describe your style in 1 word.


In your eyes, what is trendy now, what is no longer trendy?

Trendy: High waisted shredded jorts. I have no idea why. They’re really not for everyone. So seriously, check your friends. No longer trendy: camouflage. Y’all killed it. Literally KILT it. “

Next, a little, tiny slice of the Big Apple: 

Carissa D. – UNC Grad now an Editorial Assistant at Miami Shoot Magazine

Follow this fashionista and her magazine at:

@cocoaricanli (Twitter/ Instagram)


Visit Miami Shoot Mag at www.miamishoot.com

Riss below in all BCBG Maxazria


Carissa, another great friend and fellow New Yorker draws her fashion from Teen Vogue and her adventures through the Big Apple. She now does what she loves writing for a fashion magazine all while sporting her usual vintage doll-like fits all her own.

-Currently, what are your favorite brand lines, or overall brands?

“I love a lot of different clothing brands because various ones cater to my style in different ways, but my all-time favorite brands are BCBG Maxazria and a tie between Free People and Juicy Couture.”

-Why these specific brands? (you don’t have to specify all, maybe just your favorite one etc.)

“These three brands all inspire me in different ways. When I’m feeling edgy, I’ll pull something from BCBG Maxazria. When I’m going for a bohemian look I’ll grab Free People and when I want to wear something super feminine I choose Juicy Couture. I see my clothes as a full on representation of myself without words.”

-How did you come across this line/brand?

“I grew up tagging along with my sister to NYC when she was a fashion stylist for Misa Hylton. My sister introduced me to underground stores in SoHo and mainstream brands like MiuMiu and D&G. Along the way I found my favorites.”

-Who/what influences your style? Was it a celebrity? Commercial? Media?

“My style is most definitely influenced by Teen Vogue Magazine. It’s one of the only magazines that I consistently see my style featured in. I would also love to spend a day with fashion stylist Mel Ottenberg.”

-Describe your style in 1 word.


In your eyes, what is trendy now, what is no longer trendy?

“In my eyes, slim fit leather jackets will be everywhere this fall. Menswear, with a feminine twist is definitely super trendy as well: loafers, tuxedo jackets and all that jazz. I sincerely believe and hope the floral leggings; claw nails and females-in-beanies trends are on their way out. I know they are in my book.”

So there you have it folks! My first fashion feature! I definitely advise all of you to follow these ladies and show them love, they are close friends of mine and it just so happens that they can definitely pull off threads better than most. Look out for the next feature coming soon!


Underpromising and over-delivering,


                                                                                                                  -The Talent

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