Sometimes you never know what can inspire you. You never know what will just light the fuse that gets all the gears in your mind and body going. I’m talking about, the feeling your car gets after a full tune up. Get it? Its an amazing surge of energy to just get things done and progress. For college students, we always shut down academically when we go on breaks. Well, at least I do.

Let me explain what got my gears turning…don’t laugh. One day on a valuable day-off I was scouring Netflix and found one of my all time favorite movies: “An Extremely Goofy Movie.” It’s hilarious and it’s one of those VHS tapes that Mama Amaya always popped in to keep me and my hyperactive siblings and cousins quiet. I know that movie as if it were muscle memory. I still laugh at all the parts, and some parts for different reasons.

Coming into my senior year, (which is why this blog was started) I realized that I have a lot of stuff to do. There is a scene in the film that spoke to me louder than an angry Hispanic mother chasing their kid down Bushwick Ave. Goofy’s son, Max, is leaving for college the next day, so Goofy decided to give a lecture to Max and his two best friends, Bobby the stoner and PJ the sensitive big boy. Goofy compares life to throwing horseshoes. Which I now know is very uncommon, who has horseshoes lying around? Anyways, he goes on to compare focusing on the target in horseshoes to life. When Goofy awkwardly pulls up the horseshoe to eye level and starts focusing, it all hit at once. The message was clear. The number one way to make it is to make sure you have your goals in order and in sight.

I guess you can say everyone has his or her horseshoe stakes. People want to be doctors, lawyers, politicians, CEO’s, and etc. I go to a school full of talented, and ambitious people so I have heard it all, from neo-natal surgeons to radio personalities. Everyone has a niche here and they roll with it. Your niche isn’t always what you expect either. When I first got to campus I told myself I wanted to be a doctor. That changed quickly. I secretly blame my high school Biology teacher and Grey’s Anatomy. He told me I was good at Biology (which I was) and Grey’s made doctor life look cool. I soon learned that show is highly inaccurate, and that to become a doctor you need to know way more that the organelles of a cell.

Sometimes these goals get altered, whether it be by unexpected opportunity, or by enlightening realization. Sometimes you get an amazing job that’s fun for a while, but then realize it isn’t what you want forever. On the other hand you could also realize that this new job is actually what you really want to do and take the other fork in the road. I’m going through something of the sort. I realized I have this disorder called “I-can-do-everything-and-be-good-at-it.” After sitting down and planning out most of my first couple of months of school I realized that I might go insane. As borderline as I already am, I didn’t need something to hurl me off the tip of the iceberg. So I made some decisions that weighed heavy, but after talking to my beloved Mama Amaya and my most trusted advisors, I went ahead and made some changes. Changes for the better and I feel great!

At the end of the day people, do not forget to just sit down once in a while and make sure you’re aiming your horseshoes at the right stakes.



One of the most influential characters in everyone’s childhood, Wise-man Goofy aiming his horseshoe.

 Under promising and Over delivering,


                                                                                                -The Talent 

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