My Narcissistic Roller Coaster


I am at the conclusion of very roller coaster of a week. Not just any normal Funland roller coaster, this week is more comparable to the ride you wait hours for and then end up probably soiling yourself after the ride because it was so scary and eventually just ending up upset and betrayed. Yea, not too appealing. Only difference: this week was cruelly enlightening and rewarding.

First, I haven’t had a day off since the last lunar cycle, and I will not be having one until a couple of days. However, the light of the end of the tunnel is a whole weekend off which I haven’t seen since the year 2012. I plan on living it up with Crash and The Boys (my homies) and then going to see my beloved mother. Us Latinos are very protective of our mothers, so I will be spoiling her when I see her. She can be a 4 ft. 10 nightmare one second, and then be a strong and beautiful guardian angel the next. You can’t help but love Melba Patricia Amaya, better known as Mama Amaya by the masses.

In other news, despite this week being very exhausting it has also been very rewarding. I furthered my ranks into the manager world at Lids, this may sound very unorthodox, but our market is one dysfunctional competition. People notice what others do and try to oust each other. Not boring you all with the details, lets just say I proved to myself and other older managers I could hold my own. In addition, I received a very pleasing grade on my final paper for my online class. A’s at Carolina are very scarce, so I was very pleased.

So, at this point I want to let you all know that I can be a bit of a narcissist (according to my roommate) sometimes. Mainly because of my mother, she always told me that no matter what, do your best, look your best, feel your best, and do it standing tall. I blame her, but then again, she would never hesitate to put me in my place. I guess I am just confident, and am not ashamed of my actions and lifestyle, for the most part. I might or might not catch myself full of, well, myself sometimes, but thats neither here nor there. Nonetheless, people are very aware of the closeness and bond that my best friends and I share. Although I do have many friends on this campus and beyond, the close group of “my boys” that have undergone many aliases may I add, are on a whole other level. I can truly be myself around all these young men, and I know that whatever happens they will be there for me. We all have different roles, and at times we feel obligated to fulfill these roles because we are just one well-oiled machine. We have the ladies man, the caretaker, the young one, the loud one, etc. All of us feed off of each other and it has been brought to my attention that people are noticing now more than ever. Maybe its my recent subliminal Instagram campaign highlighting the love I have for these men, and how blessed I am to be where I am at compared to even just a couple of months ago. Who knows? *inserts wink emoji* I feed off this amazing energy we share and just roll with it. I feed off their success, and feel when they are feeling. My bulls**t is their bulls**t, and their bulls**t is my bulls**t. Simply said.

Essentially people, I love myself, I love those close to me, and more importantly I love my life right now, but I am not fully content just yet, so stay tuned and expect many cameos from my loved ones, because without them what do you really have? 


Underpromising and over-delivering,

                                                                                   – The Talent 


Image(Crash and The Boys) #WHOISCRASH

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