Numero Uno.

Well, here it is.

I promised myself I would actually commit to a blog for my already promising senior year of college. I want to cover a lot, because I have been described by my friends as just that: “a lot.”

I want to cover my life, entertainment, news, music, culture, and humorous situations that I believe would entertain you all. All my life I have wondered what I am good at and I have been wildly close to a lot of conclusions; baseball, soccer, football, science (ha), writing, acting, etc. You get the point? I am good at being me.

Manny, Manyez, Stackks, “The Talent”, whatever you want to refer to me as.

I live for great moments. I live for having good times, and reaping the benefits of my passion and hard work as well as enjoy my time on this Earth with the people I love.

This is me, and I hope you all enjoy.

I plan to commit to at least one post a week, minimum.




Underpromising and over-delivering.

                                                                                    – The Talent

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