I Don’t Know About You, But I Love Mondays…

First and foremost,

I must warn all of you, I am very observant, and also a bit of a savant. I literally notice every little thing. I can’t control it. It’s almost like a super power. A super power I use for the good of all things righteous and hilarious.

Now, as some of you may know I am an Assistant Manager (currently full time for the summer) at Lids. It’s really a great gig, I talk to a large array of people on the daily, get to dress comfortably, and just have fun. I also get first dibs on dope hats and other sports gear.  I thoroughly enjoy my job, although retail management can really test your patience.

This week, my manager, whom I love and respect immensely, is on vacation. She works very hard and deserves it. **takes deep breath** Ok now that that’s over, lets do a little review. Since she is gone, I have to be there whenever she isn’t. That’s every day people! Now lets break down this week so far. I was scheduled for the maximum amount of hours right? No overtime, because overtime is bad and expensive in the retail world. BAD OVERTIME. Ok so I had two days off, Monday and Tuesday. For these two days, my boss called in a favor to a Lids in Fayetteville where a manager from there would come and cover me for two days. SIKE.

Long story short the manager for Monday couldn’t make it. I went up to the store to give him keys to close up with, I was in a Southeast Asian student organization shirt, cargos, and full of sleep in my eyes. Unbeknownst to be, I was just thrown into a 12-hour shift. Continuing on the day I figured out that on Mondays, managers have 300,789 things to do in specific order. I sent more emails than your average student leader, inventory, and more stuff that will just bore you all.

Anyways, I don’t have a day off this week, and to be honest it’s not that bad. Assuming this responsibility just made me appreciate my boss more. I do a lot but she does even more. Nonetheless, my usual sanctuary of a Monday that is my day off spiraled into a hectic whirlwind from retail hell.

Nonetheless, I still came home, ate microwaved food and enjoyed trash TV with my close friends and roommate. No complaints here, because when you ask God for strength he gives you struggle. So you know what? Bring on the struggle because eventually I’ll be stronger than I could even count on.




(How I felt on my first day)

Underpomising and over-delivering,

                                                                                            – The Talent 

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