Well, Sometimes you never know what can inspire you. You never know what will just light the fuse that gets all the gears in your mind and body going. I’m talking about, the feeling your car gets after a full tune up. Get it? Its an amazing surge of energy to just get things done […]

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My Narcissistic Roller Coaster

Well, I am at the conclusion of very roller coaster of a week. Not just any normal Funland roller coaster, this week is more comparable to the ride you wait hours for and then end up probably soiling yourself after the ride because it was so scary and eventually just ending up upset and betrayed. Yea, not […]

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Numero Uno.

Well, here it is. I promised myself I would actually commit to a blog for my already promising senior year of college. I want to cover a lot, because I have been described by my friends as just that: “a lot.” I want to cover my life, entertainment, news, music, culture, and humorous situations that […]

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